15 most famous street foods in India will make mouth water

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    Blog posted on : 25-10-2021

    15 most famous street foods in India will make mouth water

    These are the 15 most famous street foods in India whose taste will make your mouth water

    Best Street Food In India In Hindi : India is a country where the taste and aroma of its dishes increase everyone's appetite and make the mouth water. There are many such dishes available in the market of India, seeing which everyone feels like eating them. Each dish here has its own distinct aroma and taste which is probably not found in any other country's cuisine. That's why in this article we are going to tell about 15 such famous dishes of India that can make everyone's mouth water.

    So let's know about these famous dishes of India.

    These are the most popular dishes eaten in India, you must have eaten many of these dishes in the market, but these are some of the dishes that you have not eaten yet, you must add those dishes to your food list and once these are famous. Enjoy street food.

    1. Dhokla, India's most popular dish

    The name of Dhokla is also included in the list of most famous dishes of India. Dhokla is a Gujarati food which is known for its distinctive taste. Dhokla is a famous snack in Gujarat which everyone loves to eat. Dhokla is eaten not only in Gujarat but all over India.

    2. Top Fast Food Momos in India

    Momos is one such fast food which is famous all over India. Whenever you go to visit Delhi, you will not find any such road here where there is no momos stall. Delhi is most famous for momos in India. Momos is a Tibetan dish, which is very much liked all over North India. You will find about 3 or 4 types of momos at every momos shop, the most popular of which are steam and fried momos. Momos is such a famous food in India that once anyone starts eating it, it does not take the name of stopping.

    3. India's Famous Street Food Vada Pav

    Although Vada Pav is a famous food of Mumbai, it has gradually become the famous street food of all over India. You can see Vada Pav Stroll in cities other than Mumbai also. Let us tell you that Vada Pav is a Marathi dish in which potato vadas are made by placing them inside the pav. Green chilli and coriander chutney enhances the taste of Vada Pav even more.

    4. Akki Roti, a famous food from the state of Karnataka, India

    Akki roti is a favorite food of the Indian state of Karnataka, which is taken by the local people for breakfast. Let us tell you that Akki Roti is also known as Rice Bread. Akki roti is sold a lot outside many offices and colleges in the state of Karnataka. People like to eat this delicious food with coconut chutney and hot tea even in the evening.

    5. India's Most Favorite Food Chole Bhature

    Chole Bhature is one of the most famous dishes of India. Let us tell you that earlier in some parts of Punjab, Chole Bhature was trending as a street food but now this dish is very much liked from other parts of North India. In this dish, chickpeas are prepared by frying with a variety of spices and eaten with fried bread made from this maida. Chole Bhature is a favorite dish of Punjabis and is usually eaten more as a street food.

    6. Tunde Kabab Best Street Food in India –

    Tunde Kabab is the most delicious dish of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh state of India, whose taste makes people's mouths water. Tunde Kabab is the most famous and favorite dish of Lucknow which is eaten here as a street food. If you are going to visit Lucknow, India, then you must taste Tunde Kabab once.

    7. Famous dishes to eat in India are Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag –

    Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag famous dishes to eat in India

    Although maize ki roti and sarson ka saag are famous dishes of Punjab, its name is also included in the list of major dishes of India. It is a food that is loved all over India. Let us tell you that in this dish Sarson Saag is made from fresh mustard leaves and roti is prepared with maize flour. Apart from this, to make this dish even more delicious, it is eaten with butter on the bread.

    8. Popular Food Litti Chokha in India

    Litti Chokha is the most famous street food of India which is mainly famous in the Indian state of Bihar state. By the way, you will find this dish in any restaurant in India. Litti Chokha is such a delicious food that you can eat lunch, dinner and also on any special occasion. This famous Indian food is eaten with Atta, Sattu and Brinjal Bharta.

    9. Delicious Recipes in India Bhopal Paya Soup

    Bhopal Paya Soup is a very tasty dish for those who love non-vegetarian food. Let us tell you that although Paya Soup is available in many places in India, the thing about Paya Soup in Bhopal is different. If you are going to visit Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, then you must try this delicious Paya Soup. Paya soup is cooked with a variety of spices whose taste can make everyone's mouth water.

    10. Famous Indian Snacks Thukpa Soup

     Thukpa soup is one of the most famous and delicious dishes of India. Although Thukpa soup is a Tibetan dish, it is tasted to deal with the chilly winters of Arunachal Pradesh. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can also take its non-vegetarian variant, which is twice as tasty as compared to vegetarian. You will easily find Thukpa soup on the streets of East-North India but now it has become quite famous in other states of India as well.

    11. Best Indian Street Food Aloo Tikki

    If seen, Aloo Tikki is the most famous food of India which is available in almost every state. Be it a wedding or a party at home or you are on your way to the market, everything is incomplete without this delicious Aloo Tikki. We do not know why Aloo Tikki is famous in India but it can make everyone's mouth water. To make Aloo Tikki, mashed potato tikkis are made and fried by mixing them with spices. People like to eat aloo tikki sometimes with tamarind chutney and sometimes with tamarind and mint combo. If you add a little more onion on top of this dish, then it becomes even more delicious.

    12. India's famous dish Pav Bhaji

    Pav Bhaji is one such famous dish of India which is mouth watering, hot, spicy and full of flavour. Let us tell you that this dish is served with fried pav in butter with bhaji. A pinch of lemon and a little onion enhances the taste of this dish a lot. Pav Bhaji originated from the Maharashtrian region of India but the whole country of India is crazy about its taste. Pav Bhaji is available from the street to all 5 star hotels in India.

    13. Poha Jalebi most popular dish in India

    Poha Jalebi is the most favorite street food of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which is also eaten as breakfast in every household. Poha Jalebi is the most famous street food in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh and the city of Indore.in India many sweets have there own place in market.no one can beat them Poha in Jalebi Poha is a mixture of flattened rice prepared with a variety of spices and sugar and refined flour are used to make the jalebi.

    14. India's favorite dish Bikaneri Kachori

    Bikaneri Kachori is a staple dish of Rajasthan, India, whose taste is very much liked by everyone. It is one such street food which is filled with spicy chutney and hot gravy and made with some daal . If you are going to visit Bikaner, then you must definitely taste this dish.

    15. Most Delicious Idli Sambar to Eat in South India

    Idli Sambar is a South Indian dish that is most popular in Chennai. Idli Sambar is one such food whose name is included in the list of most famous dishes of India as you will find it in almost every restaurant across the country. Idli Sambar is so delicious to eat that no matter how much you eat it, you will never get bored with it.