5 Advantages of a real estate CRM that you should know

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    Blog posted on : 29-11-2021

    5 Advantages of a real estate CRM that you should know


    It's time for you to start using technology to work smarter and more smoothly. In short, you should already enjoy the advantages of a CRM for real estate agents.


    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management for its acronym in English (Customer Relationship Management). It is a software that, through procedures and strategies, allows you to manage and convert potential customers into real customers.


    If you still use your Excel sheets to organize your sales opportunities in your real estate agency, then you are wasting time and money with outdated systems. It is time for you to start optimizing your processes.


    Why use a CRM?

    Real estate agents deal with multiple activities in their daily workload and problems are always the order of the day. Anything that reduces stress and makes your life more productive is a bonus.


     The CRMs created for the real estate sector have precisely eliminated these problems that they go through daily. Some of the biggest challenges that real estate companies can solve with a CRM are:


     Agents that handle a lot of information load at the same time.


    • Clients and owners who want immediate answers to their questions.
    • Agents who are on the go and need a cloud-based software solution.
    • Agents who want to be in touch with former clients to boost and maintain their relationships.
    • Agents who need to quickly identify how the market is moving without resorting to old Excel spreadsheets.


     Advantages of real estate CRM

    The benefits of a CRM can be a boon for very active real estate agents. Currently, CRMs are cloud-based, so you can efficiently move your office anywhere and have all the relevant data and information, quickly and at hand.


     These are some of the advantages of a CRM:


    Facilitates the management of potential clients

    The CRM captures the websites, portals and forms, integrates them and helps them to administer, manage and put them to good use. The capabilities included in the real estate CRM improve the generation and management of leads by allowing agents to follow them properly, as well as opportunities, agreements and procedures.                                                                    


    The analysis of the behavior of potential clients, through its detailed reports, gives you the possibility of making more accurate decisions on how to prospect and generate more clients.


    Increase the network of contacts

    With the constant advances in technology, the way that real estate companies interact with their contacts has changed dramatically. A CRM can help you establish closer relationships with your clients, potential clients and stakeholders.



    Maintains communication with prospects

     A CRM software offers you tracking and accountability in daily tasks, so you can easily comply with those calls and emails that can be overlooked.


    All real estate deals flow through referrals. In essence, referrals are your soul. But many real estate agents do not know what to do with them.


     When should you contact them, which ones should you contact first, and what method should you use? With a CRM system you eliminate these questions. Once you log in, you will immediately know who to contact and by what means.


    Helps to centralize information

    Real estate professionals have multiple streams of lead generation. Be it your work meetings, websites, social networks, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, among others.


    With a CRM, you can consolidate information from all your lead generation sources in one place. Contacts are easily collected and organized, and you can access them from various places and devices.


    Save time for agents

    After setting them up, a CRM system can automatically handle many administrative tasks. All the time saved, now you can dedicate it to more direct impact tasks that require greater creativity, such as meetings and corporate events and property visits.


    Why is it essential to integrate a CRM into the real estate business strategy?

    CRM systems ensure the automation and control of all business processes of real estate companies, which increases the quality and timely performance of these operations.


    This also involves the automation of sales force processes such as coordination, points of sale, marketing, call centers and everything related to this area.


    It can also help you automate the uploading of information, for example about properties and lots, to real estate websites and portals or automatically connect buyers with the ideal listing.


    The automation of processes allows to see and manage in the system or web page, all the details and characteristics of each selected property, verify their qualifications, background and real estate references. In addition, it facilitates its management and procedure without any inconvenience.





    If you are not taking advantage of the advantages of a CRM and of all the benefits that this valuable tool provides, you will be losing the possibility of effectively managing business processes with your clients. In the age of hyper-personalization and digital sales experiences, this type of software greatly helps the real estate industry.


    Not only can you add more information, but your data can also be used to generate and convert leads, as well as automate processes so agents can close more deals and reach more buyers.


     At HA technologies, we offer you a CRM so that you can start managing your clients from now on and move your potential buyers through your sales funnel and, most importantly, close the sales of the properties. Contact us!