5 Problems everyone has with Vape Boxes -How to Solved them

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    Blog posted on : 20-04-2021

    5 Problems everyone has with Vape Boxes -How to Solved them

    Vape packaging 

    Vape packaging is one of the most frequently used packages that pack vapes and e-cigarettes. They are made with the help of cardboard material. This type of material has become highly popular due to its strength and durability. It can protect the items packed in them suitably that can prevent you from great loss. These packages also come with many printing choices. You are not restricted to print the text of your requirements on them. You can also make them attractive by adding some unique graphics to them. You can connect these illustrations with your products to enhance their visibility. These boxes also come with many finishing choices. You can also coat them with suitable material that does not only increase their protective features but also make them more glorious. Glossy lamination and matte-finished lamination have great importance in this regard. This is because both these finishing options give your packages an amazing look.

    Common Isuees of  Custom Vape boxes

    Getting the most suitable packages for the products has become a matter of prime concern for the suppliers. This is because every supplier desires to deliver its products safely to the buyers. Like other products, vapes and e-cigarettes are also needed to be packed in appropriate packages. Cardboard vape packaging can serve them beneficially in this regard. However, users find many problems with these packages. The following are five of the most common issues about these packages faced by the people along with their solutions.

    1: Availability problems

    Suppliers always try to get the best packages for their products that are also easily available in the market for their use. People buying their custom vape boxes from local suppliers often face availability problems. This is because local vendors get the packages from manufactures or wholesalers. If they do not get the supplies from their back end, they can face many problems. To avoid the issue of availability. It is better to access a wholesaler to buy your packaging. These sellers mostly have enough supplies of your required products. You can also go to some online sellers who are ready to make a long-term contract with you. In this way, they will get the stock for you so that you do not find any availability problems.

    2: Quality issues

    Buying good quality packaging to pack the products has become a matter of great importance for the suppliers. This is because if the quality of the packages is not suitable, the safety of the products packed in them will be compromised. However, many users find difficulty in getting good quality vape boxes from the market. Some of them are even overcharged in the name of quality, but they do not satisfy them. One way to get good quality packages is to access a well-reputed supplier. A good supplier always takes good care of the quality of the packages that he/she is providing. He/she puts the requirements of the customers on top priority. To access a good supplier, you can ask your references, or you can see reviews of multiple sellers on online platforms.

    3: Frauds of suppliers

    Some buyers face fraud when they buy products from new suppliers. This is because they do not do enough market research and spend the money hastily. You may also face fraud when you go to buy CBD vape boxes from the market. However, you can easily avoid these frauds. To get this task done, you must visit the market first. It will help you to find out at what rate the suppliers are selling the packages. You must also go for a well-reputed supplier if you have decided to purchase. This is because a good supplier never demotes its reputation by providing you bad quality packaging. You must also verify the payment method and procedure before purchasing the boxes. This is because unsafe payment methods mostly result in frauds that make you bear great losses.

    4: The burden on the budget

    We are aware that saving the budget is a matter of great importance for business firms. They adopt many efficient strategies to get this task done. Many vape sellers say that vape boxes burden their budget, as they are highly expensive. Most of them use metal or plastic boxes. Packages that are made with these materials are a bit expensive. Therefore, an easy solution for this problem is to use cardboard packages. This is because cardboard is highly popular due to its cost-efficient features. It does not put much burden on your budget. This is because it is made with the help of a renewable and cheap material that is easily available in the market. Its easy availability further reduces the price due to an increase in market competition.

    5: Poor printing

    The importance of printing is increasing in the packaging industry. This is because, with suitable printing, you can catch the attention of many people. However, many product manufacturers find printing problems with CBD vape boxes. This is because they do not know the right technique that can help them in this regard. With faculty equipment and unsuitable technique, they spoil the look of their packaging. Just choose good-quality machines and appropriate printing methods. Screen printing can serve you beneficially in this regard. In this technique, you need to prepare a mesh that can be used to transfer the ink to the boxes. You can also take benefit of digital printing in this regard. This innovative technique uses a computerized system to process the illustrations. The processed graphics are printed on the boxes with the help of inkjet or laser printers.


    We are aware that suppliers always try to get the most suitable packages for their products. Vape packaging has great importance for vape sellers due to its amazing features. However, the users face many problems by using these packages. Quality issues can be faced if you go for these boxes. This problem can be resolved by accessing a well-reputed supplier who takes good care of the quality. Availability problems are also common among their users. This problem is also easy to be resolved if you buy these boxes in bulk from the wholesalers.