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    Blog posted on : 14-04-2021


    Kraft packaging has many benefits and therefore it is a popular choice amongst many brands when it comes to packaging material. There are a variety of materials that one can choose when it comes to packaging. It can be confusing selecting the best one perfect for the product. One popular material is Kraft. It is said to be a modern packaging solution having amazing styles as well as designs. With this material, it is simple to package products in an effective way. Its features along with many uses allow it to be chosen by many. The benefits that Kraft packaging has to make it an attractive choice.

    Interesting Facts about Kraft Packaging:

    Kraft paper can be said to be a naturally biodegradable product. The material gets employed in many industrial as well as commercial operations to help with the packaging and protection of goods. The paper has a natural “woody” appearing texture. Therefore, it can be used for branding as well.

    The material is strong and versatile. It is said to be cost-effective as well.

    The following are 6 upcoming benefits of custom Kraft boxes:


    Kraft boxes tend to be unique and famous due to their sturdy feature. They get made using high-quality material. This allows them to be perfect for many products. When looking at the natural and fresh brown color that the box has, this allows them to be unique from other packaging options.

    They are strong and so employed in the retail industry. The material utilized to make the boxes can be gotten in different degrees of thicknesses. You can get a single-layer one or a triple-walled corrugated cardboard one. It depends on what your product is and what level of strength it requires.

    The boxes are able to give one good resistance when it comes to stains, dust, as well as moisture. Therefore, the shelf life of merchandise is increased when they are packaged in these.

    Keeps products safe:

    As said above, the durable feature of these boxes allows items in them to remain secure when storage, transport, etc. occurs. They will remain in excellent condition when in a store as well. Pine pulp is significant when it comes to producing the boxes. This lets them possess improved quality resistance.

    Kraft is popular because it can handle different amounts of pressure. It is possible to also add corrugated layers to it making it as strong as you want.

    No toxic chemicals:

    A kraft box is made using totally natural material. Therefore, the possibility of toxic chemicals going into the product is reduced. This is important for businesses that sell food products for instance, or those that can be consumed. Therefore, this material is chosen by many restaurants and food chains.

    Apart from this, the boxes are able to handle the heat, moisture, along with alterations in temperature. The life of products can increase and they can stay fresh for more time. You will improve the reputation of your brand by showing consumers that you want to give them excellent quality stuff.

    Market your brand:

    There is much competition present nowadays. Therefore, brands are looking for ways to stand out and be seen. Packaging can be used to stand out and be seen when in a store. Businesses have to follow certain promotional pursuits so that sales can increase.

    Kraft material gives businesses the option to market their products. It is possible to create a wonderful brand image if you know how to do this.

    A company can print their name, logo, tagline as well as other connected information upon the boxes. This allows brand awareness to be increased. A brand can print them attractively so that they attract consumers towards them.

    Pursue customization:

    Customization is important if you want to make something unique. It increases the value of the business. It is possible to personalize custom Kraft boxes in the shape, size, design of your choice. Therefore, it is possible to make something perfect for the brand and which will be prominent as well.

    The boxes are really inspiring that some brands may not even print on them. They will still look amazing. However, it is possible to design these using labels along with printing methods allowing them to appear different.

    You can have add-ons such as handles, windows, inserts, allowing the box to look more unique. For instance, if you want the box to be simple to hold you can include a handle on it like a gable box. If you want consumers to see the product themselves you can opt for window boxes. There are some products that are only brought after they are seen. These are perfect in window boxes. It includes stuff like toys, bakery products, etc.

    The versatile feature of the boxes allows them to be perfect for different merchandise such as candles, soaps, cosmetics, bakery items, etc. They can be made into any shape such as oval, square, etc. allowing them to look different.

    Show Brand In A Professional Light:

    Most brands look for packaging which will help promote the brand. Due to extensive competition, it is important to focus on the look of your packaging if you want it to draw shoppers towards it. A Kraft box is able to give a brand a professional look.

    Rather than using many colors and making the box look childish, you can opt for minimalism. The natural color of the boxes tends to be brown, but one can make them in the color of their choice. A brand can add a professional logo on the boxes which will let it have a professional touch.

    The above are only some benefits of Kraft packaging which makes it a good choice for many products. It is also cost-effective in nature. Therefore, you will not be wasting money. The material is environmentally friendly as well. The brand can show itself as responsible. It can advertise itself as caring for the environment. Environmentally conscious consumers will like this. The boxes are versatile and can be personalized according to the product and client’s choice.