7 Most common elderly health issues Tips to combat it

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    Blog posted on : 28-08-2020

    7 Most common elderly health issues Tips to combat it

    A lot of physiological changes occur in the body as we get older. But, keeping the health of the elders up is such an overwhelming task. Though ageing is a natural process of the body, a few changes in the diet pattern, staying active and following a healthy lifestyle can able to manage health issues that are occurring in elders to a greater extent. Here are a few common elderly health issues seen as part of the ageing process and discussed a few tips to combat them. So, keep reading the post now!

    Common elderly health concerns:

    1. Falls or physical injury: Falls, balance issues or getting physical injury is one of the most common injuries and health conditions noticed in elders. As part of the ageing process, elders lose their muscle strength, bone mass, and hence the loss of strength and flexibility, increases the risk of losing balance thereby elders are more susceptible to injuries, bruising and bone fractures. Maintaining good mobility and educating the elders about the risk of falls can help to prevent and minimize such imbalance or fall injuries.
    2. Oral health issues: Elders may face tooth decay, cavities, mouth cancer, gums, and bone-related issues caused due to bacterial or other infections. So, for good healthy teeth, practicing proper oral care along with routine dental visit is vital. This way elders can able to manage dental and other oral health problems.
    3. Malnutrition: The presence of various underlying medical conditions like depression, inability to consume foods, dietary restrictions due to ongoing health problems, reduced income and less social interactions are a few reasons that may cause malnutrition in elders but, this often goes unnoticed. This can be very well managed with proper intake of foods rich in veggies and fruits and decreasing the consumption of fats, salt, and alcohol intake. Yes! Good lifestyle modification is the key to stay healthy! If you are unable to meet your daily recommended dosage of nutrients, then speak with your doctor to prescribe supplements based on your body needs. Order OTC products from the best online pharmacy store in India and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.
    4. Vision and hearing impairments: Well! This is one of the worst things that may hit most of the elders as they age. But, thanks to the technologies as there are more instruments such as hearing aids and glasses are available to enhance vision and hearing impairments in elders.
    5. Bladder issues: One of the worst quality that strikes elders most often is bladder health-related issues. Yes! Urinary incontinence and constipation are the two prime concerns that strike them often as they age. The cause might be due to underlying health conditions but can be managed with proper intake of a well-balanced diet, exercise, and by managing healthy body weight. Never feel shame to disclose bladder-related health issues with your healthcare provider as early treatments may help you protect from serious health complications.
    6. Cognitive decline: Yes! The decline in memory is quite a common thing to notice in elders. But, be watchful and check for the symptoms if any shows up. Any difference in the behaviour may need to be attended on time as early intervention may help to prevent the slowing of disease advancement to a greater extent.  
    7. Respiratory diseases: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the leading causes of death among elders which increases the risk for pneumonia and other chronic lung infections. If you are suffering from serious respiratory diseases or have infections, frequent monitoring should be done to avoid complications. If you are already under medications, then never skip taking your medicines without the doctor’s advice. Stock-up your medicines and keep all the essentials handy. Order your medicines, supplements, or other respiratory equipment’s from a trusted online medicine shop at a lower price.

    The path towards healthy ageing in elders occurs with numerous health issues. But, recognizing the problems and working towards the betterment of health is the most required thing that elders should understand. Good preventive measures, on-time health check-up, and adding a well-balanced diet are a few routines that need to be taken care of by the elders.