7 tips for finding a good freelance graphic designer

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    Blog posted on : 02-04-2021

    7 tips for finding a good freelance graphic designer

    In a society where communication has never been so important, the graphic designer has become a key player in the development of a business. Today, it is difficult to imagine standing out from the crowd without having a strong graphic identity, with a logo , graphic charter and website. This is where the graphic designer comes in. A multi-faceted professional, he is a past master in the art of detecting the latest trends and, like an architect, transcending them to offer his clients a new image, anchored in the present and ready for the future. The 21st century graphic designer is usually a freelance. Whether you are looking to design a brand from A to Z, or simply to give your image a facelift, here are 7 points not to be overlooked in your quest for the ideal graphic designer:

    1 - Understand the profession and the different variations

    The Artistic Director analyzes the client's needs and coordinates the realization of the creative elements. A wise team leader, he selects the profiles most consistent with your project to guarantee a tailor-made result. It is also he who will supervise the budget, the planning and more generally the respect of the different stages of the project. Due to its great versatility, it is similar to the job of communication manager. The model maker is immersed in the world of the press and publishing, it is he who takes care of the layout of the works before their publication. Its role is as much to enhance the content as to ensure the rigor of the whole. His work generally starts from a paper model, which he transcribes on the screen by integrating the elements in a harmonious way. He ensures compliance with typographical rules, the readability of the content, as well as the conformity of the elements provided. The graphic designer, also an executive, uses desktop publishing tools to produce visual content which will then be integrated into communication media. Often from applied arts training, he draws scrupulously in accordance with the specifications established upstream. The profession is now split into two branches: The 2D computer graphics designer, who as his name suggests, produces graphics intended among other things for advertising, and the 3D computer graphics designer, whose creations find their place in video games. or the cinema. The Web Designer, particularly coveted in the digital age, thinks and creates attractive websites. It is sensitive to the aesthetics of a site as well as to its ease of use. Its goal is to attract as many people as possible to the site, then to retain visitors thanks to an ergonomic and enriching experience.

    2 - Define your need

    We can never say it enough, a good project is a project thought out upstream. Take the time to discuss your needs by answering a few common sense questions: Who is my audience? What media do I want to use? Set a budget and a deadline, these two constraints will play an important role in choosing your freelance / freelance graphic designer. Ideally, prepare a specification to present during your first meeting, this one will not only save you time, but will allow you to have yourself a clear and synthetic vision of your project.

    3 - Make your selection of freelance graphic designer

    Whether the graphic designer travels or welcomes you to his premises, it is better to rely on geographical proximity to facilitate exchanges. You will gain in clarity as well as in reactivity. It is now easy to target professionals in a specific region thanks to google queries such as freelance graphic designer grenoble, freelance graphic designer lyon, etc. There are also many online directories like www.kilist.fr and www.bepub.com that offer relevant selections of designers in your industry.

    4 - Judging their experience, the quality of their references and their ability to adapt to different fields of activity is a pledge of creativity

    Every professional logo designer has a showcase site where he presents his curriculum vitae as well as his book. Pay attention to the graphic designer's career, a solid professional experience is often better than a slew of diplomas. The book must for its part introduce the graphic universe of the creative, his favorite techniques, his aesthetic biases with a potential favorite. If the work presented inspires you, there is a good chance that the graphic designer will also know how to reach your customers.

    5 - Choose an independent graphic designer who is responsive and attentive

    The first contact says a lot about a person's seriousness, and it's a safe bet that a person who is quick to offer a quote consistent with the specifications is just as effective in their creative work. Do not hesitate to multiply the requests for quotes to compare the services and let your choice mature, you will save precious time later.

    6 - Beware of prices that are too low

    As a customer, it can be tempting to go with the lowest quote. Distrust, because a competent professional knows the true value of his work, and will not risk selling his talent to get a contract. Some newbies intentionally cut prices to stand out, but such behavior usually doesn't bode well for the customer.

    7 - Listen to your instincts for your choice of graphic designer

    Feeling is essential in this type of partnership. A good graphic designer must not only have the strength of proposal, but also be an educator in his exchanges with the client. His role is not limited to mechanically applying the instructions, he must be able to question certain choices in order to pull the project upwards. Mutual trust and respect are the keys to building a fruitful and viable working relationship over the long term.