8 Reasons Why you Should start Tracking your Expenses

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    Blog posted on : 27-11-2020

    8 Reasons Why you Should start Tracking your Expenses

    It might sound like the most boring thing in the world to log every transaction you make into your budget. However, if you want to take the smartest way out to live your dream rich lifestyle before you hit your 30’s, this is it! Keeping a check on your daily spendings is key to managing your expenditures efficiently. You will find many people who are struggling with budgeting, as the economy of the entire world came crashing down, all thanks to Covid-19. 


    In the beginning, the tracking procedure might feel like a hassle. Regardless, if you understand its importance and how it can help you in your future financial stance, your motivation to practice it will rise. Moreover, keeping a laser eye on your everyday spendings promotes financial habits like saving and investing money. Apart from that, with the rise in overall expenses due to the ongoing recession, experts have come up with smart ways to track your daily spendings. 


    If you are looking for reasons that will inspire you to start monitoring your expenditures and reduce the financial strain that is, unfortunately, the new norm in today’s age, continue reading! Tracking will bring about profound changes in the inflow of money into your bank accounts and will also ensure that you have a smart budget in your hands! Below is a list of reasons why this is exactly what you need if you are also a victim of financial anxiety like many others! 


    #1 A steady financial control

    No matter how many figures you have in your monthly salary, if you do not have a suitable budget management system, you will always run out of money by the end of the month. Whenever it comes to personal finances, no smart individual would strive to be out of control. To be mindful of what you are investing in today is the only way you can save for the necessities of tomorrow. Plus, nothing is worse than not knowing what is going on with your money from a financial point of view. 


    If you are tired of worrying about how much money is sitting in your bank and how much you can spend, it is high time you take control of your finances. Recording every financial transaction will allow you to take the reins on everything related to your money. At any given time, you will have an accurate idea about how much money you have in your accounts and how limited should be your spendings. 


    #2 Accountability

    All the successful people of the present world have one thing in common - accountability. When an individual reaches a certain age, adopting accountability is a vital trait. If you are accountable enough, you will be able to achieve your financial goals sooner than you expect. The key to enlisting this element in your personality is to set some practical goals. Do you have to save up for college? Clear out your student loan? Or you want to go on your dream destiny the next summer? Such milestones will make you more conscious of your daily purchases. 


    Tracking your expenses will help you a great deal in making sound financial decisions. Once accountability starts driving your need for spending or not spending, you will be in a pretty safe position in your future financial standing. Therefore, to secure your goals, you must devise a method to keep a constant check on your expenses. You will be more aware of eliminating bad financial habits like overspending and making a wasteful investment. That being said, it is truly the perfect way to steer clear of any substantial financial error. 


    #3 An insight into your financial progress

    Along with accountability, if you start keeping a check on your expenses on a day-to-day basis, you will get a better idea of where you are going with your finances. Apart from saving, you also have to keep a keen eye on your financial progress. If you know for sure how much money is coming in each month, you will be able to manage your expenses by staying within a limit. Sometimes, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, people just dodge the idea of keeping track of the spendings on a daily basis. Anticipating a lower-income and overspending are some of the factors that contribute to financial anxiety.   


    The trick to overcoming these feelings is monitoring your expenditures, as by doing so, you will also see a change in the way you are spending. It will promote financial progress, and the ratio of money going out of your bank accounts will lessen. This approach will also initiate goal-based habits. For example, if your financial milestone for this year is to save £25,000 this year. As you will keep on saving money, the motivation to keep it going will elevate once you realize you are close to your goal. This way, you might end up saving more than you are looking forward to! 


    #4 Efficient money organization

    In order to make sure that you make your financial dreams your future reality, organizing the money is key! If you lack in this department, no matter how much you save, it will all go in vain. Therefore, it is imperative to learn money managing and organizing skills the minute you start earning on your own. The simplest way to systematize the money in your bank accounts is to have some idea of how much they hold. If you know the boundaries of your budget, you will be more proficient in organizing your financial stance and maintaining it until you achieve your goals. 


    In other words, if you are disorganized when it comes to money, you will be in big financial trouble more often. On the contrary, if you will take only a few minutes out of your busy day and log in your transactions and go through your bank details, you might save yourself from letting anything slip through the cracks. 


    #5 Improved financial security

    The most crucial factor that makes it necessary for you to keep a check on your transactions, if not regular but at least weekly, is to ensure that your money is safe in your bank accounts. Not doing so is a substantial threat to your financial security. Imagine someone got hold of your bank details and is spending your hard-earned money. That is one big financial disaster! However, you can mitigate the occurrence of such situations if you know where your money is going every day. Many people become victims of mismanaged financial security, and the number is surprising. If you do not want to be one of them, start tracking your daily expenditure and always take quick action if you notice any discrepancy in your bank details. 


    #6 Make use of money-saving techniques

    Tracking everyday expenses is the best way to pinpoint the loopholes that are affecting your present financial state. Many people forget that they are paying for online subscriptions, and their bank accounts still get charged. The good news with keeping a check on your expenses is that it is the best way to eliminate your wasteful purchases. Once you start diligently tracking your expenses, you will notice that you will be wasting a lot less money than usual.  Even if you can save £100-200 per month, it can make a huge difference in the yearly saving. The result of this is that you will attain your financial goals sooner than anticipated! 


    #7  Reduces impulse and spontaneous shopping 

    Sometimes, we do not realize that even the least amount of money can make a profound difference in your overall financial state. The entire purpose of ultra-consistent tracking your expenses is to acknowledge every small and big purchase that you are making. When you have an idea of how much you can afford at the moment, you will be wise when you are out there in the shopping malls. Once you start getting a grip on impulse shopping sprees, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money in your bank account. Plus, this will also help you in staying on track and keeps your focus on achieving all your financial goals as soon as possible. 


    #8 keeps you away from debt

    One thing is obvious, and that is - nobody likes debt. No matter how rich one is, the goal when it comes to finances is to steer clear from debt. However, at this age, it is not easy to refrain from not getting the new iPhone 11 or the Gucci bag. To stop yourself from making the decision and walking away is only possible if you know where you stand in the financial picture. With this approach, you will never have to rely on your debit cards. Not worrying about paying debt is bliss, and if you want to experience it, you have to start logging your daily transactions into your budget from now! 


    These reasons are enough to convince anybody that if you want to be wealthy at an early age, keep your finances on a strict check!