All you need to know about the Mitas tyre company

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    Blog posted on : 26-08-2020

    All you need to know about the Mitas tyre company

    The automobile sector enhanced its reach to the agrarian world by manufacturing agricultural products. Tractor tyres form a crucial part of this segment. Farmers across the globe use tractors for various field works. To work effectively, they need reliable and comfortable tyres. 

    The kind of tyres that provide outstanding performance without destroying the crops is always desirable. Only the leading brands can offer such services. Mitas agricultural tyres fall in this ambit. They are strong, durable, efficient, and long-lasting. The company sells well-designed radial and cross-ply tyres for tractors and trailers. They also manufacture a comprehensive range of industrial, multi-purpose, and earth-mover tyres. The list of their services is long and impressive. 

    Why not see for yourself? Here we have prepared a detailed analysis of some tyre products manufactured by the Mitas brand.

    AC 70 G - Harvest Radial tyre

    The ultimate USP of this model is its high-load capacities and minimised inflation pressures. This enables the farmer to carry heavy commodities all at once, without carrying them in parts. This is an economic tyre designed to deliver excellent ground handling on harvesters. AC 70 G also ensures wide and even distribution of ground pressure, which helps in minimising the load placed on soil structure. The tyre performs well on the field and the road providing value for the money. 


    Looking for a perfect partner during the harvesting time? Place your trust in this tyre’s performance. This is one of the most gentle ground handling tyres designed by the Mitas brand. The tyre is a harvester type that gives you increased cyclic axle load capacity. This model has a larger footprint than a conventional harvester tyre. It guarantees better ground handling and the harvesting time frame is also extended. 

    The narrow and compact construction of this tyre ensures that all the legal requirements are fulfilled. The tyre is a combination of low inflation pressure and maximum load capacity. 


    Traction is one of the most important requirements in the field. Your tractor can not perform effectively if the tyres are not ready to provide the required traction. You can take a deep breath as SFT IMP will provide you with maximum traction due to a large ground contact patch. Soil compaction is also reduced because of high-load capacity and optimal ground pressure distribution 

    The tyre will last longer and prove worth every penny as their tread pattern is outstanding. This also provides high resistance to damage. The tyre is also perfect for free-rolling field applications. 

    AC 65

    Another tyre suitable for on and off-road applications. It is a wide tyre with economical qualities. You will not regret buying this model as it is long lasting. All thanks to the special tread pattern and low-wear tread compound that you get perfect traction. You can carry heavy loads without any glitch as the tyre has a heavy load carrying capacity. It works well at road speeds as high as 65 km/h. 

    AC85 Row crop

    This is a narrow tyre manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of row cultivation. The reduced tyre width enables you to drive between the crops without hurting or damaging them. Seeds and crops remain safe due to the rounded shoulders and lugs along with the tyre height. The tyre allows a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h and is safe to use on the road. The deep lugs deliver smooth and perfect traction and better stability. 

    Other tyre models sold by the Mitas company are:

    • Agriterra O2
    • TF-01 F-2
    • TS-04 R1
    • TS-06 R1
    • TS-07 R1
    • AC 85
    • AC 70T

    About the company

    The Czech-based company was founded in the 1930s with the onset of tyre production in the country's capital city. Mitas has a stronghold on the international markets. It has its distribution networking scattered in 14 countries throughout the world. The company sells tractor and car tyres under two names: Mitas and Cultor. It has gained a lot of positive recognition in the market. Farmers rely on the brand for their agricultural needs.