Analysing the popularity of Netflix

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    Blog posted on : 01-10-2020

    Analysing the popularity of Netflix

    Meta description- A detailed guide about Netflix.


    Netflix, Inc. is a streaming entertainment service company, which provides subscription service streaming movies and television episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by mail. It operates through the following segments: Domestic Streaming, International Streaming and Domestic DVD. The Domestic Streaming segment derives revenues from monthly membership fees for services consisting solely of streaming content to its members in the United States. The International Streaming segment includes fees from members outside the United States. The Domestic DVD segment covers revenues from services consisting solely of DVD-by-mail. 


    Netflix has a pricing policy that is three tiered. It has a basic package that caters to all. For that fee you can only access the films and shows at a standard definition which can be watched on one device at a time. The next package costs a bit higher and provides access to HD content. Moreover it can be viewed  on your devices at a single time. The most expensive plan lets you add viewing on four devices simultaneously and also provides access to Ultra HD 4k content with Dolby vision as well as HDR picture tech. 


    The company has seen a very large growth in the source of revenue over the last few years. The Netflix management has recently found out that the revenue is not entirely based in the United States of America. Over the years Netflix has transformed itself from a content creator to a content distributor by releasing House of  Cards in 2013 as well as introduced new norms for the membership. It has made subscribing as the only way to access the original programming that sums to 40% of the content according to analyst Raymond James.


    There are certain benefits you would enjoy when you have invested in Netflix stocks. It is important to note that the concept of streaming shows and movies on online platforms or rather the internet has been there since a decade. This pioneering idea was introduced by Netflix and over the years it has relentlessly worked towards making things more available. They made useful collaboration with the DVD partners and Blu-ray players and took internet viewing to a different league altogether. Therefore Netflix is a master of creating markets.


    How to buy Netflix shares?


    • Find a suitable online broker- The primary step which will get you started is the availability of an online broker. A good online broker has access to a number of exchanges. When you find that a particular broker is discouraging you from buying Netflix shares then you need to understand that he has no access to the NASDAQ. You will come across a number of brokers but remember not all of them will allow you to open an account with them. There are some who are extremely costly while some also offer their services for free. Therefore you must consider factors like trading platform, broker’s fees, find accessible markets for trading, safety as well as the simplicity of opening an account.


    • Open a brokerage account- You will have to open an account after you have found out about an online broker.  Opening an online brokerage account is similar to opening a regular bank account. The entire procedure is an online process. Some brokers have made things so simple that you will have no difficulty in opening and it is more like opening a Gmail account. While for some the process is complicated and it usually takes days to open one. In this brokerage account you will store money. 


    • Tap the buy button- The penultimate process, when you are done with the initials it is time for you to buy the Netflix shares. Just log into your online brokerage account and search for the Netflix shares. Once it has appeared just insert the number of shares that you wish to buy and then click the buy button.


    There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of commercials that interrupt the movie or a TV show you are watching. Netflix is commercial free. This means that when you find a film or a show you want to watch and click Play, you will watch it without being interrupted by ads.