Bariatric Diets Made Easy

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    Blog posted on : 01-03-2021

    Bariatric Diets Made Easy

    If you are researching bariatric diets for yourself or a loved one about to have a procedure done, you might be a little concerned about how the post-op diet plan will go. Of course, you would want it to be as easy as possible and fit right into normal life. You'd want the diet to be simple and easy to follow, and hopefully easy on the palette while we are at it. That is really not too much to ask for. For some, bariatric diets can be a bit tricky to navigate because of the number of home meals you would have to prepare, but you do not have to worry too much about that either. There are all sorts of products designed to make this diet plan as easy as can be. You can find ready to make meals, snacks, and drinks all within your bariatric requirements. Here are some examples of what you can provide for yourself during this diet.

    Meals & Snacks
    The bulk of what you will be consuming after your liquids only phase will be soft foods that are easily digestible. This does not have to mean eating applesauce and gelatin only. You can eat actual meals and in-between snacks to keep you going while following all the rules. You can enjoy a creamy mushroom soup or Cancun chili for lunch and dinner. In between these meals, you can have a peanut butter cup or a few fluffy sugar-free marshmallows. All of these options mean you do not have to sacrifice convenience or even taste for a healthy, protein-rich meal.

    Protein Shakes
    Speaking of protein… You not only have some great options for snacks and meals but for delicious protein shakes as well. You can make a tall glass of protein shake your entire breakfast and feel ready to take on the day. Yet again we see that bariatric diets do not have to mean compromising taste or convenience for the sake of an effective diet. Stir up a glass of snickerdoodle protein shake mix with water or milk and enjoy a satisfying drink to kick off your diet plan. Maybe even replace a meal with your vanilla bean protein mix if you weren’t too hungry.

    Likely not as exciting as meals, protein shakes, and snacks, but just as important are vitamins. You can choose from a good number of vitamin tablets and chewable jellies to make sure that you are getting the right balance you need of proper nutrients. Grab a bottle of one-a-day vitamins and a pack of vitamin B12 jellies and get your day started on the right foot.

    No need to worry at all. Bariatric diets can be incredibly easy to follow and convenient for everyday life. If you were previously concerned before with how the diet plan was going to work, hopefully, you can relax a bit now and feel confident in your weight loss journey. If you need any additional help finding bariatric-friendly food, you can look to Bariatric Eating for more options.