Best CBD Vape Kits for Newbies

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    Blog posted on : 15-04-2021

    Best CBD Vape Kits for Newbies

    Before you become a pro in anything you do, you have to be a beginner at some point. That is the same principle that applies to vaping. At some point, you have to be a newbie then gradually become a pro after several vaping sessions.

    Vaping is a cannabis consumption method that has existed for several decades. It is a method that enthusiasts have come to love because it offers instant effects. Most dispensaries recommend that medical patients use CBD for medical purposes use this kind of method.

    If you are a newbie, you are new in the vaping world, and probably you don't have much information. You don't have to know everything at a single time; other things automatically come as you continue your vaping journey. There are CBD vape pen kits designed specifically for newbies. But what is a vape kit? This is the starting point for beginners.

    A CBD vape kit is a collection of the essential items you need to have a vaping experience. A complete vape kit contains a battery, USB Charger, and a CBD cartridge. Most vape kits from tested brands take a cylindrical shape or streamlined shape.

    The vaping market is crowded with tons of products. Selecting a vaping device or any other product is not as easy as it used to be. For a beginner, the situation is even worse. This article covers the best CBD vape kits for newbies. Several factors were considered to make sure only the best get a chance in this list. Let's get started.

    Dr. Dabber Vape kit

    Dr. Dabber is a renowned brand that deals with original vaping products. Newbies require easy-to-use and more customized vape kits. A manual guide is essential to take you through different buttons and other controls. Dr. Dabber vape kits come with an easy-to-understand manual with explicit explanations.

    The brand also offers a one-year warranty through which you can get a replacement or repair of your gadgets when there is a problem. The battery is essential for newbies, and Dr. Dabber has invested in the batteries that come with newbie vape kits.

    CBDfx Vape Kit

    CBDfx is a brand that has vast experience in cannabis products as a whole. It has been in the industry long enough to offer long-lasting vaping devices. Newbie vape kits from CBDfx are easy to use and also come with a manual in case you get stuck.

    All cannabis products are tested in an accredited third-party lab for safety and transparency, and the results are provided on request. The kit is light and small so that you can move around with it quickly. It is also durable with a long-lasting battery like a dab rig that offers more puffs per session.

    Pure Hemp Vape Kit

    Pure Hemp Botanicals is a brand based in California. It creates a variety of cannabis products, including newbie kits. Although it is found in California, CBD makes most of its products extracted from organically grown Hemp in Colorado.

    The vape kit has a standard battery, a 200mg CBD cartridge, and a USB charger. Pure Hemp conducts third-party lab testing in accredited labs. The CBD is potent enough for a beginner.

    CBD Essence Vape kit

    This is one of the trusted brands offering whole plant extract CBD products. It was founded not long ago (2014) but has increased to beat most top brands' brands. It provides full-spectrum starter kits crafted from American grown Hemp.

    To achieve the whole plant extract formula, Essence uses a carbon dioxide extraction process. For safety and consistency, the products are tested and certified by an accredited third-party lab. The kit comes with a battery, charger, cartridge, and a manual to take you through the controls.

    Vape Bright Starter Pack

    Vape Bright is not new in the cannabis industry. It has existed for the longest time serving customers with the right products. It sources its CBD oil used in the cartridges that come with the kit from Scandinavia. Scandinavia has a rich and significant history of producing the best Hemp in the American cannabis market.

    The starter kit from Vape Bright is small, compact, and ultra-light. All the products are tested and certified by an accredited third-party lab. Results from labs are available on the official website, or you can still request them during purchase.