Best Features For Choosing The Right Medical Air Mattress

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    Blog posted on : 19-08-2020

    Best Features For Choosing The Right Medical Air Mattress

    Medical air mattresses come with a lot of features. In this section, we discuss the important features that you should consider when buying them.

    Medical air mattresses are sleep surfaces that are designed to prompt healing from pressured injuries. These mattresses come with different features and offer various comfort levels.

    If you are choosing a hospital bed mattress for your loved one, you must choose the best. Below we are highlighting some prominent features that you should focus on while buying a medical air mattress.

    Low Air Loss

    Patients who suffer from ailments related to moisture like maceration or sweating would benefit from low air loss air mattresses. These hospital bed mattresses come with tiny holes within the air cells, enabling cool air to pass through. Low air mattresses are ideal for controlling moisture and microclimate heat.

    Alternating Pressure

    If the patients suffer from bed sores or ulcers, then they should rest on an alternating pressure air mattress. Changing pressure from one air cell to another can help improve the blood flow and promote the healing process. Moreover, the process of inflation and deflation relieves pain at pressure points. Furthermore, it can also prevent skin breakdown.

    Lateral Rotation

    Circulatory, as well as pulmonary issues, can be addressed by rotation air mattresses. This type of hospital bed mattress leverages inflation and deflation of air cells to rotate patients 40-degrees to the left or right side. This encourages proper blood circulation and breathing. It also helps the lungs to reabsorb excess liquid.

    Cell-On-Cell Designs

    This design touts independent air bladders covered down to the center. It ensures that the air does not flow excessively through the entire mattress’s depth. It enables the bottom cells to act as a safety base if there is a power failure. This hospital bed mattress can also reduce the quantity of immersible cell height that allows patients to effectively sink into it.

    Safety Base

    If the pump does not work, a safety base protects the patients from lying down on the bed frame directly. This base in a medical air mattress is either made of air cells or foam. Even when the power is out, both the elements are capable of acting independently.

    Firm Perimeters

    This feature, in a medical air mattress, assists in increasing transfer stability. They remind the patients of the edges, thereby reducing the chances of rollout falls.


    Fireproof is another important feature to look into a hospital bed mattress. Considering that these mattress thickness care for patients suffering from different ailments, the material in them should be fireproof in order to mitigate the risk of hazardous situations.

    Adherence to Hospital Standards

    These mattresses are manufacturing using the latest technology and comply with the best of hospital standards. This is what separates them from regular mattresses. When choosing a medical air mattress, ensure that it aligns with the highest of medical standards.

    Final Thoughts

    Technologies related to hospital bed mattresses are improving with every passing day. With every advancement, these mattresses are able to provide enhanced comfort to patients.

    Investing in a quality air mattress would allow the patients to rest and heal comfortably. And above are some of the features that you should look into while buying a mattress.