Bonshine Clone On Demand Mobile Car Wash App Work

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    Blog posted on : 28-09-2020

    Bonshine Clone On Demand Mobile Car Wash App Work

    If you have been dabbling with the idea of starting your own on demand car wash business with the help of the Bonshine Clone app, here are a few things that you should know before hand.

    What is the Bonshine App?

    The Bonshine app is an on demand mobile app based service that enables service providers to connect with customers who want to get their cars washed. It is a very popular car wash app used by hundreds of thousands of people and offers a very easy to use approach that ensures that customers can get what they want when they want it while allowing service providers to earn a handsome amount in the process.

    What is the Bonshine clone app?

    A clone app is essentially one that is created solely with the purpose of ensuring that customers of the same industry don’t have to unlearn their habitual practices in order to learn a new method of booking services because of a new business venture.

    The process involves extensive studying and research on the part of developers towards the code of the primary app, which is then used as a stencil to re write and build a new app altogether. Although it is called a clone app, one has to understand that the process is an extensive one and does not, under any circumstance, involve only copying and pasting the code from the existing app.

    When a developer (or a team of developers) builds a Bonshine Clone app, they first have to do a lot of research to understand what the app works like and then re create their own version of the app by writing new codes. The development team has to be adept in Android as well as iOS technology to make certain that the new app get s a seamless pathway to a launch over the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.

    Who is this business for?

    Anyone who wishes to earn money while offering an app based platform to connect interested customers to available car wash service providers will benefit from this app. Regardless of whether you are independent car wash professional, or a company that offers car washing services or even someone with no involvement in the business can earn using this business model.

    You can enable this platform as a unique stage for different car washing and detailing service providers to register on your app and get connected with anyone interested in getting any of the services offered within the gamut of the application’s offers.

    The app owner earns each time the app is used to make a booking. Regardless of whom the customer places the order with or hires, the app owner always makes money. The percentage of commission that the app owner gets to earn is also decided by him or her.

    How does the Bonshine Clone app work?

    The app has a very simple flow. The User or customer first downloads and registers in to the app. Same goes for the service providers. The process of registration can be done wither by logging in using existing IDs for social media such as Facebook or Gmail, or by filling out a small form.

    Once that is done, each time the user logs in, they will be able to view a list of different car wash professionals or companies listed within the app. They can select the one that they like best, based on the quoted prices and the star rating awarded to the particular service provider or company by previous users.

    Once this selection is made, the Users can select the services from a menu like display for different services within the foray of car washing and detailing, such as Car Waxing, inside vacuuming, Window Cleaning, Full Car Service, Car Modification, Updates and Detailing, and so on and so forth.

    Once this is done, the car wash professional can visit the user’s home to wash the car or the user can book an appointment to take the car to the car detailing studio of the company. After the services are rendered, the user makes a payment through the on demand car wash app and then can rate the service provider. The service provider too can now rate the user based on their experience towards the user.

    Buy the Bonshine Clone On Demand Mobile Car Wash and Detailing App

    If you are considering to start your business with a full scale app at a low budget, it is best to go for a Bonshine Clone on demand mobile car wash and detailing app built by a respected and reputed on demand white label mobile app development company with an experienced team that has worked with at least over 500 to 600 on demand apps. Make sure that you test the app thoroughly before purchasing it to be absolutely sure of the quality and usability of the app.