Choosing The Best Outdoor Floodlight

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    Blog posted on : 22-12-2020

    Choosing The Best Outdoor Floodlight

    It is very important to have proper lighting installed in the outdoor spaces for households and even for commercial areas. One strong light that spreads over a wide area is better than installing several small lights to illuminate the space when it gets dark. Outdoor lighting is used for several purposes. For instance, most people tend to get nice-looking decorative solar lamps for their garden in the spring and summer season, while others just look to install a powerful outdoor floodlight to ensure safety and security.

    Since the market of outdoor floodlights is saturated with a lot of options, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the right one. Continue reading this guide to find the best piece for yourself.


    Decide The Right Location

    Location is really everything. This is why before you start looking for the perfect light for your outer space, start by determining where exactly you need to place it. Not every floodlight will offer the same benefits, and this is why you need to be sure of how much area the light needs to cover. The quality, brand, and make of the light, obviously has its significance, but the way it's placed; the height and angle at which you’re placing the light will make the real difference. 

    Most people tend to overlook this factor and end up being disappointed with the performance of their outdoor floodlights. You need to keep in mind that drain pipes, doors, rooftops, and gutters can pose hindrances when deciding the perfect placement for the light. Therefore, it’s better to sort this out before you make a purchase.

    Once you’ve figured out the correct spot for the light, get the closest estimate of its size to make sure that it can fit in the space. The biggest mistake you’ll make is splashing a considerable amount of money on a powerful floodlight, only to see it’s too huge to sit in the space you’ve chosen for it. 


    Choose How You Want Your Floodlight To Be Activated

    With monumental advancements in technology, floodlights are getting more and more sophisticated in the way they are activated. You aren’t just stuck with the standard on/off manual switch option anymore. You can now use motion sensors that will sense the presence of anyone passing by. As soon as the sensors detect a movement of someone or something, it will automatically turn the floodlight on. Alternatively, there are other technologies available with floodlights where you’ll see the lights switch on or off according to the time of the day. As the ambient light falls to a particular level, the lights will turn on, and similarly, they’ll switch off when the sun comes up. 

    This all comes down to your needs and preferences. Some prefer the manual switching lights while others go for the automatic ones. Both carry their pros and cons. Motion sensing lights are energy-efficient because they only illuminate when there’s a need. However, these sensors can be a pain too, because they will light up even when animals are passing by, or when your neighbours are out in their space. This problem can be resolved with the manual switch, but the inherent risk with these lights is if you forget to switch them off in the morning and leave for work, the lights will stay on for the whole day, wasting lots of energy and diminishing the light’s lifespan. 


    Enjoy The Right Level Of Brightness

    Floodlights are able to produce the highest output in terms of brightness when compared to any other type of light. Floodlights are able to produce a broad range of brightness outputs that can be anywhere between 700 to 20,000 lumens. 

    Your choice majorly depends on the size of the space you need to light up. For instance, a floodlight that produced 500 to 1000 lumens is sufficient for patios and garages, whereas bigger spaces like commercial car parking or grounds will need something that produces more than 1500 lumens. 


    LED Floodlights

    Generally, people choose to install halogen floodlights in their outer spaces that consume almost 30% less energy as compared to the old incandescent lights. However, LEDs are an even better option if you’re looking to save energy, increase the lifespan of the light, have more options with color temperatures, and have a better overall design. Furthermore, LEDs prove to be more cost-efficient because they don’t need replacements frequently. The low levels of heat produced by the LEDs also contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. All these factors make a strong reason to switch to LED floodlights.