Citing Website in the Chicago Referencing

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    Blog posted on : 13-01-2021

    Citing Website in the Chicago Referencing

    Chicago citation style are used widely within the framework of the academic writing in the area of humanities, natural sciences along with the social sciences.

    There are certain strategies that should be followed while citing website in the Chicago Referencing. Basic entry in relation to a website comprises of author name, title of page, title of website, web address and the date accessed.

    The name of the first author should be placed in the reverse order and comma should be placed after last name and there should be period after first name. The titles and the affiliations which are in relation to the author are supposed to be omitted. There should be suffix like roman numeral that should appear after name of author and it should be preceded by comma.

    A page that have two or the more authors should be listed in order as it appears on website. Name of first author are placed in reverse order whereas others should be written in the normal order. The names of the authors should be separated with the help of a comma.

    The title of full page that is followed by period are meant to be placed within the framework of the quotation marks. The placing of period should be within that of the quotation marks. Website title should be included hereafter which should be followed by period. In the event of the website title not being available, the name of the website owner should be put in its place.

    Web address of page should also be included that can help in establishing credibility in relation a work. Text called “accessed” should be placed next along with the particular date on which an individual have accessed website. The citation can be concluded by providing period after that of the parenthesis. In the case of the informal websites or the websites that does not have the formal titles the descriptive phrases can be used in the citation instead of the page or the website title. In the event of the website having the print counterpart like website for newspaper that title of the website should be placed within the italics.

    Chicago notes- bibliography style is indicative of the numbered system where the authorship is acknowledged by making use of the number that helps in representing reference. Reader can follow the in-text number to that of corresponding number within footnote or the end note. The citation numbers should be placed within the superscript to right of commas and the full stops.