Clodagh home lighting ideas to illuminate your living room

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    Blog posted on : 02-03-2021

    Clodagh home lighting ideas to illuminate your living room

    The living room is one of the most dynamic areas of your home. It is a place where people spent quality time with their family and friends. To know the functionality of the space, it is essential to match the needs of the living room lighting with the Clodagh home lighting range.

    The suitable living room lighting arrangement is created by the combination of three different types of lighting, which includes accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Each kind of light is used for a different purpose. One can easily meet the lighting need through proper illumination by layering all three lighting styles together.

    Ambient Lighting

    It is also called general lighting, and it is sufficient enough to fill the entire room with an even layer of illumination. This kind of lighting is used to protect your body from the furniture placement in your room when you freely walk around the room. It also helps to offset the brightness from the task lights, TVs, and computer screens in order to ease the strain on the eyes.

    This light also sets your mood in the living room. One can control its intensity by using a dimmer switch instead of using a standard on/off switch. It will help in maintaining the brightness level of the light and offers soft and subtle light for social gatherings and for watching TV.

    One can easily create the living room the center of attraction by adding a chandelier or pendant light over the center table for aesthetically pleasing appeal.

    Task Lighting

    From it name, it is cleared that for what purposes it is used. This lighting is a bright and directional light, which is used for a specific purpose such as reading, writing, cooking, and many more. It provides many benefits like you can concentrate properly on your work and also reduces strain on your eyes. It is a localized style and used only for occasional activity.

    Adjustable table lamps or floor lamps are ideal fixtures to provide task lighting in the living room. For optimum performance, you can place the reading lamp next to your sofa or your lounge chair to get light directly on the working area. You can place the reading floor lamp or an arc lamp in the same way to get effective results.

    To get a unique look, you should use it as an alternative to a traditional reading table lamp.

    Accent Lighting

    It is the final layer of light that is used to get perfect illumination in the living room. It basically serves two purposes; firstly it adds visual interest and drama to the living space and also combats from harsh brightness of task lighting.

    Secondly, you can highlight the wall art by falling accent lighting from Clodagh on it and easily brings the attention of people. It also makes your smaller room appear larger by illuminating the dark corners and space. It also balances the bright light of task lighting and keeps the ambiance of the living room comfortable and relaxable. It will help in making the room brighter and more attractive.


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