Diwali Decoration Ideas For Decorating Your House

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    Blog posted on : 03-09-2020

    Diwali Decoration Ideas For Decorating Your House

    It is the festive season when the country is on its feet with full enthusiasm. Diwali or the 'festival of light' is celebrated across the country to mark the triumph of Lord Rama of Ayodhya over the King from Lanka, Ravana, the myth that finds itself in the epical story of Ramayana. It also means the victory of truth over wrong.

    Diwali Decoration Ideas For Decorating Your House

    Apart from being a cultural festival, Diwali is of great value to people in business and shopkeepers. The sales of every kind of product increase during Diwali, in turn, increasing dividends for businesses.

    Must-Have Items on Your Shopping List This Diwali?

    Nearly everyone shops are filled with Diwali decoration items and Diwali sweets for houses like lights and Rangolis, etc. Here are some tips for your shopping list that you can consider.

    Diwali Candles:

    You can light Diwali candles across your house. It is believed that the light from these candles will scare off any evil spirits from your house. Diwali candles or diyas are attractive and look beautiful when placed in front of an idol.

    Rangoli Powder:

    Rangolis are a key element in every Indian festival. These are patterns drawn on the floor of the house with colorful Rangoli powders. A Rangoli symbolizes the presence of a divine entity in the vicinity of the house. Generally, during Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi's feet are drawn on the floor, which signifies her presence in your house.


    Diwali is the time of the year when people distribute gifts to their loved ones. It is a way of making the extra festival special for the people you love. Neighbors also give each other Diwali lanterns considered to be lucky if hanged in front of the house.

    Ornaments and Jewellery:

    Many people consider buying gold and other precious ornaments during Diwali to be lucky. Apart from that, it is the season of the year when consumers get attractive discounts on gold wear. Women prefer ornaments like earrings and bangles.

    Desserts and other eatables:

    Family members exchange desserts during Diwali. Accordingly, desserts or Diwali dry fruits box products are among the most significant things that should be on your shopping list.

    Diwali Clothes:

    New garments are significant when you are purchasing for Diwali. People purchase a ton of new dresses for Diwali. All the people from the family wear traditional garments during Diwali. This celebration gives you the ideal opportunity to get some new garments for your closet.

    13 Ways to Adorn Your Home This Diwali

    Designing your home during Diwali will be very confused. Diwali decoration isn't just important but also a charming way to observe the occasion of lights. Here are thirteen tips on how to decorate your home this Diwali.

    #1 Buying new curtains for your house is a unique way of adorning your interiors for Diwali.

    #2 Give a contemporary edge to your Diwali decoration when you choose to fill your home's walls with Diwali vibes. Choose a combination of vibrant colors and let the artist inside you draw beautiful designs incorporating Diwali themes.

    #3 Consider repainting your house before Deewali. Not only will this give a new look to your home, but repainting is also a great way to decorate your house.

    #4 Diwali door hangings are an excitable option when you are considering Diwali decoration for your home. These hangings are available with special messages inscribed on them.

    #5 Buy pretty little bulbs covered with colored paper, hanging in chains, and place them wherever you want them to. A cluster of these bulbs in a glass bowl will look magical when the festive season hits the surrounding.

    #6 You can also go for the classic Diwali lanterns. It is believed that hanging them on the porch will not allow evil spirits to enter your house.

    #7 Add color and fragrance to your home decor this Diwali with the beautiful combination of floral diyas. When your earthen lamps (diyas) are ready, light them and place them in a broad plate filled with water and flower petals.

    #9 Complement your curtains with contrasting sofa covers for your sofas. These will go a long way in providing your interiors with a furnished look.

    #10 A chain of bulbs will work both as a decorative item and a source of light. Put them on the walls of your house and let them charm you with beauty.

    #11 Add Paper lamps on your porch to celebrate the festival of light.

    #12 Diwali isn't Diwali without diyas. Make it exceptional by painting your own! Purchase plain diyas, and get acrylic paints to design them. Not a fanatic of painting? You can also utilize sequins and globules. Play around with different colors and designs.

    #13 This tip will help you to illuminate your lamps in a unique way. Make little cuts on the edges of paper cups and put the light-bulb inside them. The paper cups will be lampshades giving the lights an exceptional appearance in and out.

    These are some Diwali gifts, hampers, and some ideas to decorate your home for Diwali. Whichever you choose, remember that Diwali's essence lies in family gatherings and the feeling of togetherness.