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    Blog posted on : 21-10-2020


    In this article, we are presenting a complete guide about the emotional support animal housing letter. Keep reading!

    Read till the end to find out how to get an ESA letter to protect you and your emotional support.

    What Is an ESA Letter?

    An Emotional Support Animal Housing Letter is an official document signed and approved by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). It is also called an ESA Evaluation Letter. It provides the clarity that your animal is necessary for your emotional support and mental health and it should be considered as a part of your treatment. These animals can help in improving anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

    In some states, there is proper law which appoints the mental health professional who verifies your emotional support animal housing letter. They must be your current therapist, psychiatrist, physician, or mental health expert who is treating you for your condition. 

    How to get an emotional support animal housing letter?

    If you experience the ill effects of a psychological or emotional inability, your animal may give you emotional help and is measured by a therapist. By getting surveyed for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Evaluation Letter, you'll have the option to have your pet formally perceived as an ESA should the specialist consider you fit. The Emotional Support Animal Letter guarantees you won't face separation from each other when you need them most.

    What Are the Benefits of an ESA Letter?

    Scientists and pet owners have since quite a while ago perceived that animals can help our emotional well-being. From friendship to a feeling of direction, pets can help people feel less disconnected. The examination has even indicated that connecting with animals can bring down your BP and control our pulse. They can altogether diminish the physical indications of stress.

    A valid ESA letter will let you and your Emotional Support Animal Housing Letter free up to a limit from specific rules and regulations if your pet accompanying you. These restrictions are: 

    Federal laws and housing regulations that stop you from keeping pets in a rented place.

    Laws state that if you bring your animal onto a flight or any rented transport you have to more.

    Your ESA letter will provide you exemption from the above-mentioned regulations under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA). 

    One must have a Legitimate ESA housing Letter

    Some people make efforts to buy false ESA letters that misrepresent the status that their pet as a legitimate emotional support animal. They may do so because they feel that if they do so, they don’t have to pay for their animal on a flight. So, to get rid of such scams, you need to know what a legitimate ESA housing letter looks like.

    Legitimate and real to be precise, ESA housing letters will always be written on professional letterhead. The original letter will include a genuine signature from your licensed mental health professional or physician and the contact details of professionals' and the address of their practice.

    Along with these the strong proof that you are suffering from a mental health condition or an emotional trauma listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, edition 4 or 5. A statement from the expert that they believe your Emotional Support Animal to be an essential part of your treatment and mental health care.

    You should be qualified for an ESA Letter?

    To be legally qualified for an ESA housing letter, you must have a finding for a mental health condition. Those mental health conditions can be one of these - social anxiety, depression, PTSD, or OCD. The condition should be severe enough that can prove disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990. You must have under an ongoing treatment for this condition, whatever it is like, therapy, counseling, or medication. 

    Emotional support may prove if the animal:

    • Lowers your stress levels even if you are in the public
    • If you suffer from panic attacks, calms you down
    • Helps you deal with social state of affairs

    How to get your ESA letter both offline and online?

    1. The offline medium: 

    The very initial step of getting your legitimate emotional support animal letter is that you should consult with your mental health consultant. So here the thing is that you must have the one, a consultant, an LMHP, or a doctor who is looking after your mental health.

    To get an ESA housing letter your consultant will give an assessment in which there will be some questions, which you will have to answer and your answers along with your relations with your consultant will decide whether you are qualified for an ESA housing or not.  

    If you find qualified your licensed medical professional will issue you a signed ESA letter after assessing your complete case, and if everything goes right, you will receive your ESA housing letter within a week or so of your appointment. 

    2. The online medium:

    If you want to apply your legitimate emotional support animal housing letter online, firstly make sure that you are applying it through a trustworthy website. After that, you can book an appointment with a therapist or consultant for an ESA housing letter online.

    Remember that there are several fake websites present on the world wide web. Don’t attempt to use a scam site for emotional support animal letter, you may pay the fine as it an offense.

    On a trustworthy site fill the questionnaire, meet the professional therapist virtually, pay the fees, choose ESA letter for housing. Once you and your animal have qualified, you should receive your letter at your home within a couple of days. 


    All these procedures are fair enough to prove that the animal is essential for your wellbeing and daily functioning. And you can keep your pet in your house by having an ESA letter.