Everything there is to know about Vaping

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    Blog posted on : 21-01-2021

    Everything there is to know about Vaping

    You might have heard about various types of vapes and you are probably very tempted to try them all. Nevertheless, before you finally make up your mind to become a vaper, you must first develop a complete understanding of vaping. 

    In this blog, every essential thing that you are required to know about vaping will be discussed.

    What is Vape?

    These days, many people will be found confusing vaporisers or vaping devices with electronic cigarettes. When the reality is that we have far passed behind the traditional electronic cigarette. However, vapes are automated systems that are used to vaporise flavoured E-liquids. The E-Juices or E-liquids are composed of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. You can get a wide range of exceptional vape liquid in the UK from ‘Juicedoutvapes’.

    Origin of Vape

    The electronic cigarette came into existence as early as the 1960s when an American patent was dismissed. The commercial and the most popular version of vape was brought by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. The vaping was perceived as merely an alternative cigarette smoking. Today, there are numerous choices for vaping products and many people are either becoming vapers or wanting to become one.


    What is inside the vape?

    Ever since vaping has become a new trend, everyone is curious to know what vapes are composed of.  Vaping is an automated system that is used to vaporise a solution called E-juice. E-juice is composed of flavoured vegetable glycerine with nicotine and propylene glycol.

    The process of vaping is more different from traditional smoking than you might have expected because not only vapes are tobacco-free, but no combustion takes place inside.  


    How to smoke a vape?

    Since vaping is not the same as smoking, many potential vapers are curious to find out how to vape these days. Vapes might look intimidating because of all the gadgetries, such as coils, batteries etc. However, all you are required to do to start vaping is choose the e-juice of your preference, get it poured in or pour it yourself, turn on the system and let the battery heat the nicotine fraught E-juice. The vapers formulate in the form of clouds that you will then inhale. 


    Styles of vaporizers

    Vaping has grown so fast that within a matter of a couple of decades, there are so many styles of vaporizers in the market.



    E-cigarettes are the kind of vaporizers that look very similar to regular cigarettes, however, they contain replaceable cartridges and refillable E-liquids. They are ideal for you if you are habitual to cigarettes but thinking about switching to vaping.


    Pocket Vapes

    As the name suggests, these vapers are designed to offer portability and ease of use. These vaporizers are great for people who relish dense and expansive vapers.


    Pen Vaporizer

    Pen vaporizers are spherical and they are designed to resemble a pen. There are two main parts of pen vaporizers, a battery and an atomizer. E-liquids are inserted inside these vaporisers through a tank that has an atomiser. When you feel like vaping, just turn on the battery and the atomizer inside will heat the battery and produce vapours.


    1. Box Mod Vaporizers

    So far, these kinds of vaporisers are believed to be the most advanced and the most complicated. They have a large battery, a digital screen with the option of a change of settings. Box Mods are perfect for you if you want to have an intense vaping experience, along with the production of dense vapours. However, vaping mods require you to adjust the manual settings, and therefore, they are recommended for relatively more experienced vapers.


    Does vaping have any rules or etiquettes?

    While vaping is permissible almost everywhere, it is recommended to not vape in places that are enclosed like restaurants, private business settings and bars, but unlike traditional cigarettes smoking, vaping does not produce smoke. What most people perceive as vaping- smoke is the vapours produced by heated E-liquids. This is the reason why vaping does not leave a lingering smell in a room, unlike smoking and other tobacco applications. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in a social gathering, it is advisable to ask around if the people are okay with you vaping.


    Although vaping is not exactly the most healthy life choice, it is the least harmless and most enjoyable form of smoking or vapour production.