Everything you need to know about Media Architecture

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    Blog posted on : 24-08-2020

    Everything you need to know about Media Architecture

    Nowadays, architecture has many dynamic lights that change its physical look. This phenomenon is called media architecture. This trend came to light when two architects, studying innovative technology were experimenting with to incorporate the phenomena into buildings.

    Their first media façade in 2003 was a prototype called BIX, a communicative light show installed in the Kunsthaus plexi glass panels in Graz, Austria. The creation of "nice" media architecture is a challenging task for design.

    Expertise in the fields of architectural, urban, interface, lighting, user experience design and group engagement is required in the success of these facades. Facades of digital media are now lighting up the area, enabling buildings to serve as vibrant landmarks. And a well-thought-out luminous building envelope showing abstract graphical visualizations may also make a cultural contribution to the community. Architecture continues to allow the growing use of media facades as a stylistic feature.

    SAS ITower, the tallest commercial building in Hyderabad makes use of media architecture in the most excellent way with an exciting arrival experience with digital media facade. This not only provides the trendy dimension but also the captivating use of modern media.