Give Importance to Your Family in Professional Life too

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    Blog posted on : 24-08-2020

    Give Importance to Your Family in Professional Life too

    Most of the persons forget to give importance to their families in the bright light of success that comes in their life or in the industry they are working in. Some entrepreneurs know how to grasp their place in the market, but they did not recall that who has supported them and from where they are coming. These things look selfish and personal, but it should always be remembered that families are more important than anyone else.

    One should not feel proud of their power and their innovative ideas which they can think for their business, it needs to be understood that success in any industry comes and goes. The same is the case with relatives and friends, but who provides always support to you is your family and no one else. True success comes only to them who give respect to the family and do not forget what they have done for them.

    How family supports to provide to an entrepreneur?

    For this, we will put a light on one reputed entrepreneur Edmond Masjedi, who started SnoBar and the idea of beginning this came into his mind with his wife only. How did this happen? He was making some drinks for his wife as she said her to prepare something because she was hungry at that time and wanted to eat or drink that thing which her husband will prepare for her. So, what he did? He took ice cream and added some content of alcohol and finally it resulted in something different.

    The taste of this cocktail was amazing and later it gets modified with the help of professional chefs so that it can be made different for offering to the customers. And, with all these efforts, SnoBar in California get launched where the different cocktails are presented to the persons who are having age more than 21 in a variety of flavors but in the price that can be afforded very easily by anyone.