Hair Colors For Men with Manic Panic

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    Blog posted on : 17-07-2020

    Hair Colors For Men with Manic Panic

    When it comes to manic anxiety, there are lots of hair colors that can help the sufferer to become more relaxed. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this condition is still not known, however it does seem to manifest itself in various ways.

    By going for a natural treatment for manic panic, one can reduce the side effects of the medication and get rid of the panic attacks altogether. Some common hair colors for manic anxiety include red, orange, blonde, black, dark brown, blue, green, fuchsia, red rose, pink, yellow, silver and even violet.

    Yellow hair colors may be very attractive and can make people more comfortable. However, they can be very disruptive and trigger panic attacks. So, if one decides to go for it, it is better to go for a darker shade of yellow as it will have a calming effect on the mind.

    Orange hair colors should be avoided at all costs as they can be very disruptive and induce manic panic. Those with orange hair can still wear pink or silver hair colors as they will not be triggered by the orange. If the skin is an indication, a person suffering from manic panic, orange hair colors can be avoided.

    Black hair colors are a great choice for those who have severe panic attacks, but not everyone has dark hair. So, if this is the case, getting a darker shade of the manic panic hair colors can work wonders. The only problem is that the person will still feel anxious but will not feel the symptoms.

    Blue hair colors should be avoided by everyone. They can often bring about feelings of hopelessness and sometimes the person will feel like dying. One should avoid blue shades when it comes to ladies, as blue is a little bit feminine. 

    Benefits of Hair Colors

    But when worn by a man, it can bring a sense of comfort and strength. Dark brown hair colors can make someone feel overwhelmed and that they can be very sensitive. That said, in order to get a calming effect, one should choose one of the other darker colors such as black, red or green.

    Brown hair colors should be avoided at all costs as they can be very upsetting. It is best to avoid blondes and brunettes.

    Red hair colors can bring about feelings of excitement and can cause one to act a little crazy. However, the person will need to ensure that the color is not too bright as it can cause severe stress. If the person is feeling stressed, then choosing a darker shade of red will help one to calm down.

    Green hair colors are best for those who have a strong sense of nature and are typically very serene. However, they may experience some distress over things such as strong sunlight, due to the fact that they are prone to panic attacks and sometimes have to cope with panic as a way of coping with these things.

    Black hair colors are usually a bad choice for those with manic panic. The reason for this is that they will be really disturbed and will find it difficult to control themselves. They may have a lot of anxiety and even panic attacks due to this.

    If one is interested in changing their hair colors to help them overcome their anxiety, one can actually go for a hot iron treatment. However, this is a good idea only for those who have a fear of the iron and find it very painful. So, if you want to try it, you will need to seek help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist before doing so.