Heres why you should invest in Roto moulded pallets

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    Blog posted on : 02-10-2020

    Heres why you should invest in Roto moulded pallets

    What is Rotary Molding?

    Rotational moulding, also known as rotomolding, is a thermoplasty process for the creation of hollow parts by placing powder or liquid resin in a hollow mould and then rotating that tool bi-axially in an oven until the resin melts and coats the inside of the mould.

    In this production process, the 4 phases include:

    • Filling a thermoplastic polymer substance with the mould.
    • Heating the instrument for melting material in an oven.
    • Cooling the instrument in order to solidify the component.
    • The plastic portion of the tool is removed.

    Finding the right pallet for your business.

    Pallets are important equipment for warehousing and transport. The type of pallet, size and load capacity that suits your needs depends on the requirements of your company. The most widely used are wooden pallets, while roto moulded pallets have a long life and elevated reusability. The main things that you need to remember are:

    Form of goods: The most significant factor to remember is the goods you are going to transport or ship. The weight of the products, the sort, will assist you in deciding the type of pallet to be used (wood, plastic, or metal). Roto moulded pallets, for example, are best suited for food products or drinks.

    Packaging dimensions: Packaging width and height, along with the number of products to be delivered, can help you decide the pallet size to be picked.

    Usage frequency: If you need a pallet for a one-off shipment, you might be considering a pallet that has been used or reconditioned. If you need to use the pallet frequently, it becomes important to have the readability feature of the material you select.

    Shipping destination: If you intend on sending your shipment overseas, you will have to comply with ISPM 15 regulations for the pallet you want. Roto moulded pallets, in this case, become an acceptable alternative.

    Conditions of transport: climate for storage and transportation and temperature are critical when deciding on pallet content. For example, pallets made from wood or paper can be susceptible to humidity.

    Budget: The budget for pallets becomes an essential factor as reducing transportation and distribution costs is a common problem in the packaging industry. The initial investment will cut costs in the long run.

    The Rotational Molding Advantages

    These moulds may consist of multiple materials and have multi-layered walls. As one piece, unusual shapes can be created that would usually have to be constructed from many pieces. Below are a few other benefits of this fabrication process.

    • Flexibility in nature allows for complex geometry.
    • The cost of tooling is less than that of other types of plastic moulding.
    • Short lead times on production operations.
    • Potential reduction in the weight of pieces.
    • Force, corrosion, resistance, and durability are provided by parts.
    • Improved throughput by reducing working hours.

    and more importantly

    They are more environmentally friendly

    For many companies, producing less waste has become a priority as they aim to become eco-friendly. Roto moulded plastic pallets can be recycled 100 per cent. It can be recycled and used again if anything happens to the plastic. When a wooden pallet gets destroyed, it is usually either dumped into a landfill or burned.

    They are long-lasting

    Another big bonus of these pallets is their longevity. Plastic won't break. Wood's going to. Plastic would not splinter. Wood's going to. Plastic has a coherent product design which makes it unlikely that the material will be damaged even during raw transport.

    Vishakha Industries understands the importance of these roto moulded pallets and how it can positively affect your business and the environment. Contact them today to book your order!