High-Risk Payment Gateway Best Solutions to Merchants

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    Blog posted on : 18-08-2020

    High-Risk Payment Gateway Best Solutions to Merchants

    If you are a merchant dealing in high-risk business, you would definitely know how tiresome it gets to find a suitable payment gateway for your online business. At times, it gets difficult for the merchants to access the online payments which often leads them to face losses and other related risks. Being an online business merchant with a business that sells those services and products that are associated with the possibilities of chargebacks, fraudulent purchases, or legal regulations, then it is very important for you to make your transactions secured with an effect payment gateway.

    Some of the Industries that are considered as High-Risk:

    • Tobacco Products
    • Industry of Adult Toys
    • Nutraceuticals and supplements such as Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Online Gambling
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Herbal Products
    • Online Dating

    To get a more information about High-Risk business, let’s read further and find out what exactly makes a business a High-Risk?

    For any business that have a certain kind of risk of fraud and chargebacks associated with them are considered High-Risk Businesses. Products that require age checks or have different legal statuses across state lines are often considered high-risk. Not just this, some governmental regulations on industries lead them to be considered as "High-risk".  Therefore, it becomes very essential for such business to get a reliable and secure payment processing gateway.

    However, because of their high-risk nature, such merchants often face legal problems and many payment platforms are reluctant to work with them.

    How Can a Merchant Apply for a High Risk Merchant Account?

    1. To get access to a merchant account, you need to visit our website and fill one application form online with all the required documents

    List of the documents that you should prepare before you apply for a high-risk merchant account:

    • Shareholders’ certificate
    • One copy of your passport and utility bill
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • Last 6 months processing history (total volume, number of transactions, chargeback percentage)
    • License number and name of your organization.
    1. Once submitted, one of our experts will review the application form and get in touch with you to understand your requirements in detail and will discuss the further process.
    2. After the approval of your application form, you can start processing payments online.


    Why Choose Amald Services?

    We offer you the most trusted High-Risk Payment Gateway at Amald. Our specially designed payment gateway aims to deliver the best online payment solutions and manages chargeback and risks. Our team of professionals offers world-class payment processing services for high-risk online businesses. Our expert team gets in touch with you and provide customized merchant services that let you drive maximum payment approval efficiency.

    And we are not done yet, with our advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options, and real-time reporting, we offer total security and peace of mind to merchants.

    • We offer the highest level of security to enable safe payment processing
    • We allow the merchants to accept payments through all channels
    • We prevent the merchants from chargebacks and frauds
    • We have a dedicated team that commits to be at your service 24/7 with the goal of your complete satisfaction

    A high risk Payment Gateway is a payment processing account especially designed for those merchant who are categorized under high-risk services or products providers. At Amald, with our years of experience, we let our merchants take a sigh of relief and our unique, specially customized solutions allows the merchants to transact hassle-free.