HirinGuru - Recruitment Platform for Tech Hiring

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    Blog posted on : 14-04-2021

    HirinGuru - Recruitment Platform for Tech Hiring

    Every employer's dream is to find the ideal employee for their business. As if a glove suits the hand, an employee must meet all of the employer's specifications. There are a plethora of recruiting platforms available on the market to help simplify and speed up the requirement and assessment of employees. HirinGuru is one of the most popular recruiting platforms.

    What is HirinGuru?

    Simply put, HirinGuru is an employer or recruiter platform that assists organisations in conducting professional screening to find the best applicant for the job based on the employer's basic requirements. This aids in the organization's screening, evaluating, and recruiting processes.

    HirinGuru is a cloud-based platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as a few other special features, to assist HR professionals in finding the best candidates. HirinGuru allows users to develop their own professional research evaluation methods to aid in making the best hiring decisions. This aids recruiters in saving time and money during the hiring process.

    Features is a well-equipped recruiter platform that offers its users cutting-edge features to help them achieve the best possible outcomes in the recruitment process. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, HirinGuru allows users to create their own professional research methodology to produce better results. It includes some built-in tools that help you automate the screening process and make the right decisions for your business. Hiring the best applicants helps the company to expand. 

    Some of the features of HirinGuru have been discussed below to give you a better understanding of the software.

    1. Single Sign-On

    HirinGuru allows its users to sign up using their social media accounts. You can use your Google and Facebook accounts to sign up with a single click. This eliminates the need to fill out lengthy forms in order to get started.

    2. Stocked Question Bank
    For non-professional recruiters searching for workers with technical experience, this is a viable choice. Numerous pre-formed questionnaires and coding problem scenarios can be generated with the aid of a comprehensive question bank, providing you with significant assistance in the hiring process if you are a non-technical business owner.

    3. Coding Tests

    If you are dissatisfied with the pre-loaded questions and tests, HirinGuru allows you to create custom coding tests in any programming language. For business owners and HR practitioners with prior technical experience, this is a fantastic choice. This makes it easier to tell the difference between seasoned and novice future workers.

    4. User-Friendly IDE

    HirinGuru provides candidates with an interactive IDE through which they can apply solutions to the forum. The performance of these solutions is checked by running and testing them on the platform. This function eliminates the need for an external programme.

    5. Multiple Programming Languages Supported

    HirinGuru performs experiments in a wide range of programming languages. The following languages are among them: 
    - AI-ML - C++ - Java - Python - PHP - C# - JavaScript - XML - XML - XML - XML - XML - XML

    6. Enterprise Ready

    HirinGuru is a flexible platform that can be used by any size company. It can screen a large number of candidates just as effectively as it can screen a small number of candidates. This ensures that regardless of the scale of your organization's recruiting, you can get the best results.

    7. Analytics and Reporting

    Reports and analytics are critical tools for demonstrating a candidate's success and abilities. HirinGuru offers comprehensive reports to help you gain a deeper understanding of a candidate's abilities and experience. This aids in evaluating the efficacy of your intended recruitment strategy.


    Since HirinGuru serves organisations and companies of all sizes, it provides a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of each. In their beta programme, they also have unrestricted access for 30 days.

    HirinGuru has four pricing options. The following are some of the price plans available:

    1. Pay as you Go  (This price plan costs $10 for a test attempt)

    A test attempt costs $10 under this package. 
    There are the following features available: 
    Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
    -An infinite number of custom test suites 
    -Tasks including custom coding 
    -You can build as many custom MCQs and descriptive tasks as you want. 

    2. Starter (This price plan costs $240 per month)

    -1 user 
    -Support available 24/7 
    -Prevention of Advanced Cheating 
    -Custom Test Suites with No Limits -Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks with No Limits 
    -5 Tasks That Include Custom Coding 
    -30 Test Attempts per month

    3. Business This is a $500-per-month pricing contract.

    -Users: 5 
    -Advanced Cheating Prevention 
    -24/7 Support 
    -An infinite number of custom test suites 
    -20 Tasks for Custom Coding -100 Test Attempts/m 
    -You can build as many custom MCQs and descriptive tasks as you want. 

    4. Entrepreneurship
    The cost of this pricing plan is determined by the client's needs.

    HirinGuru has a pricing strategy that is suitable for any size or form of business. They have a well-designed pricing plan that caters to all types of businesses. Individuals, startups, SMBs, and enterprises can all use it.

    Assessment and Recruitment

    HirinGuru's main goal is to assist recruiters in making the recruiting process easier and faster. It can be time consuming to sift through a large number of resumes in order to find the right candidate who possesses all of the desired credentials and skills. You may use HirinGuru to shortlist applicants based on your needs and conduct only their interviews. This aids in will the company's interview to recruit ratio.

    The only way to shortlist the best applicants for your company's work openings is to conduct an assessment. Using resumes alone is not a good idea because many candidates, if not all, have a lot of information on their resumes just to make it look impressive. Assessment is the best way to check all of the information on a candidate's resume, such as job experience and credentials.

    HirinGuru assists organisations and recruiters by assessing candidates in the following ways: 

    1. Aptitude Assessments 
    2. Coding Examinations 
    3. Domain-specific assessments 
    4. Tests of Machine Learning Algorithms

    You may test the abilities of engineers and data scientists using HirinGuru's robust evaluation methods, which include Java, PHP, Python, and others.

    Why do you Want HirinGuru?

    HirinGuru stands out from the many hiring sites on the market by offering its users unique features that aren't available on other platforms. Apart from offering such extensive testing techniques, HirinGuru also allows its users to integrate with their Allied Testing Service, streamlining all of their hiring processes.

    Overall Score

    HirinGuru's features and resources provide a one-of-a-kind and detailed experience for its users. It aids in the empowerment of the company by reducing the time and money expended on traditional screening of individuals. Overall, this platform serves as a comprehensive recruitment solution for your business.