Home Remedies to get rid of Worms in Teeth

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    Blog posted on : 25-10-2021

    Home Remedies to get rid of Worms in Teeth

    Nowadays everyone has problems related to teeth. The main reason for this is not taking proper care of the teeth. Because of this, there are many types of problems in the teeth, in which the condition of worms in the teeth is serious in many cases. Insects occur in the teeth when small holes start forming on the surface of the teeth and start destroying the teeth. If the problem of the cavity in your teeth has become more serious then you should contact the dentist. However, if the problem of the cavity is starting in your teeth, then you can cure it with the help of home remedies. In this article, some home remedies have been told to protect the tooth from worms.

    What are the home remedies for worms in teeth?

    Make toothpaste to reduce the problem of cavity

    You will need some natural ingredients which are easily available in your home to make toothpaste at home. This toothpaste does not harm your teeth in any way. To make this toothpaste, make a paste by mixing one spoon of black salt, one spoon sweetie, one spoon baking soda, one cup coconut oil, Apply this paste on the teeth instead of your daily paste.


    Garlic is used to get rid of many diseases, garlic has antibacterial properties. Applying its paste will get rid of the problem of insects.

    Eat Salmon Fish

    Vitamin D is found in a good amount in salmon fish. It helps in improving the health of the mouth. This fish gives a good amount of calcium to our health. It is beneficial for the teeth and strengthens the teeth and prevents worms. That's why it is called a superfood for teeth. People who have the problem of getting worms in their teeth, then definitely include this fish in their diet.

    Curd is the Best Remedy

    In one study, curd has been described as the best treatment for teeth. It is not only beneficial for health but also reduces the problem of worms. For those who consume curd, both their gums and teeth remain strong, they do not have the risk of gum problems or the problem of worms and abscesses. Yoghurt contains a good amount of calcium which makes the teeth healthy and strong.

    Black tea removes worms from teeth

    Consuming black tea daily reduces the problems related to teeth and strengthens the gums. According to some research, black tea reduces the problem of tooth decay. Black tea contains a good amount of anti-oxidants which strengthens the gums and prevent decay. For black tea, put a bag of tea in hot water and mix honey in it and drink it. This reduces the problem of teeth.

    Uses of Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is very beneficial for health. Many antioxidants and proteins are found in Aloe Vera. It strengthens the immunity of the body. Apart from this, it prevents many diseases. Tooth worms are killed by applying aloe vera oil to the teeth. The teeth are back in their position. Aloe vera gel has antibiotic properties that reduce tooth decay by destroying germs. To use aloe vera, cut the aloe vera leaves. Take out the gel from it in a bowl. Keep it in the fridge for some time, then apply it to the affected tooth with the help of a finger. Rinse off with water after ten minutes.

    Oil Pulling Treatment

    The process of gargling with oil is called oil pulling. Oil pulling keeps the health of the mouth good. Due to this, the toxic germs of the body remain in the mouth. Toxic germs are reduced by the process of oil pulling. This also reduces the problem of the cavity. For this, you need sesame oil and coconut oil. Apply coconut oil and sesame on the teeth and leave them for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with water. After this process, clean your teeth with your toothpaste.

    Use of Liquorice to remove worms from Teeth

    Liquorice is one such herb that is used in the treatment of many diseases. The use of liquorice is beneficial to eliminate the bacteria present in the mouth. In some studies, liquorice tablets and powder are good for teeth. It helps in reducing the problem of bacteria and infection of the teeth. To use liquorice, grind the wood of liquorice and mix a few drops of water and rub it on the teeth, it reduces the problem of teeth.

    Saltwater Reduce the Problem of Teeth

    If you are having any kind of problem with the teeth, then gargle with salt in some lukewarm water, it destroys the germs located in the teeth. The chances of cavity-related disorders in the teeth are reduced. In many studies, rinsing with salt water reduces the problem of teeth. People have been using this home remedy since time immemorial. After this, clean your teeth with your toothpaste. However, do not gargle with salt water daily if the teeth are healthy.