How Can an Indian Student Get Scholarship To Study Abroad

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    Blog posted on : 01-12-2020

    How Can an Indian Student Get Scholarship To Study Abroad

    Studying abroad certainly puts a cap on one’s resume and helps students stand out from other applicants. Those who want to continue their schooling abroad can look forward to a wealth of experience and growth that is beneficial not only to their academic career but also to their personal and professional lives. Wondering how you can make that happen?

    Indian students have plenty of options when it comes to financial grants. If you are looking for a scholarship for school students, then consider the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship. It entails two years of schooling at the school’s flagship campus in Singapore. It’s a rare opportunity for students to take their Grades XI and XII abroad. Here’s more of what you can look forward to if you want to apply for this GIIS scholarship.

    How many students are awarded the grant?

    Every year, there are ten students winning the scholarship. Since the program’s inception in 2009, it has helped about 80 students overall. The aim of the program is to provide a world-class education at its SMART campus. So far, the school has had an excellent track record in producing gifted graduates who are not only academically impressive but also those with talents in sports and other extracurricular fields. Given the current educational climate, though, the number of the scholarships will be set by the scholarship committee.

    Am I eligible for the grant?

    The scholarship is offered to senior secondary level students, meaning those who are incoming students for classes 11 and 12 for the IB Diploma Programe and CBSE. Students under any Board in India may also apply for the scholarship.

    How much is the scholarship worth?

    The scholarship amount is about $90,000 for every student. The amount covers the tuition fees and boarding as well as loading and travel costs of the student for the two years of the scholarship. The amount also covers a one-time return airfare as well as the visa fee. One-time settling allowance and pocket allowance for every month to cover the student’s daily expenses is also included.

    What will I need?

    If you are applying to study abroad, then you must have a passport. It must have enough blank pages and have a validity of three years from the start of the academic school year. If you are worried about the visa formalities, don’t be. GIIS will take care of all that for you, making it possible for you to travel to Singapore without any worries. GIIS will also cover the visa fee and pay for a one-way ticket to Singapore at the start of the course or session. You are also entitled to one one-way ticket from Singapore when the course ends.

    How will I get that scholarship?

    Find out as much information as you can first. Research is crucial. Once you know enough about the grant, you can start preparing. Make sure you know the submission deadlines and that you prepare early on. You wouldn’t want to miss the deadline by even a day. Since GIIS puts particular focus and importance in ensuring that students have access to education that’s well-rounded and balanced, that looks beyond academic achievements in the classroom to feats in extracurricular and co-curricular subjects, you’ll want to add to the strength of your portfolio by participating in extracurricular programs. Show the committee why you deserve that scholarship.

    Knowing the basic eligibility of the scholarship will help you plan your approach. With meticulous planning, knowledge of the process, and dedication as well as patience and perseverance, you’ll have a better chance of beating everyone else for the award.