How Influencer Marketing Help You Budding CFD Trading Coach

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    Blog posted on : 24-10-2020

    How Influencer Marketing Help You Budding CFD Trading Coach

    There is no debate about it, influencer marketing works. In fact, even the Australian government is using influencers to promote tourism. That’s just how effective and far-reaching influencers are. Because of the gaining popularity of influencer marketing, many Australian businesses are considering working with an influencer. However, doing so is no walk in the park; it requires time, patience, and effort.

    If you are a CFD trading coach, how do you reach out and approach an influencer? While there are no shortcuts to this, we’ve compiled tips on how to do it more efficiently. Have a Captain Cook:

    1. Send an email that speaks your intentions.

    Macro influencers receive hundreds to thousands of emails and direct messages every day, and getting yours across is no easy task. Keep in mind that you are selling your products to the influencer but you are selling yourself, so getting his or her attention is your top priority.

    Compose an email that is specifically directed toward the influencer. Include information that he or she would have an attachment to, like mentioning that you adore his or her article from two years ago. Building rapport is important when engaging with influencers. While you can use email template, you would want to customize its message so it will be perfectly relevant to your target influencer.

    2. Establish your vision and value.

    Your email should be able to establish how working with you can help the influencer and his or her followers. The thing is macro influencers carefully choose the people they will work with; they value businesses who share the same passion with them. So from the very start, provide information about your company, your values, your intentions, your products or services, your goals, and make sure they are aligned with the influencer’s principles. Remember, it’s a two-way street.

    3. Be specific.

    It isn’t a dog’s breakfast so make your email organized and specific. Macro influencers have limited time read your email thoroughly so make your intentions clear from the get-go. Are you requesting for a guest post? Affiliate program? Product review? Enumerate the things you wish to have the influencer do for your brand—and don’t forget to mention how doing so can help him or her.

    4. Don’t be too aggressive.

    It is you who are approaching the influencer, so take it easy with the requests. Don’t be too demanding otherwise kiss your chances to work with him or her goodbye. For example, you want the influencer to share your article with his or her followers, craft your email like you are suggesting rather than demanding.

    5. Keep it short.
    You’re not writing a novel, so keep it short and direct to the point. The influencer wouldn’t bother reading your email if it’s too lengthy.Cover all the essentials and you’re good to go.

    If things are clear to you yet, don’t worry, we’ve come up with sample emails that should help you.

    Request for a products review:

    Hey [first name of influencer]!

    I’m [your name] from [name of your company] and a CFD trading mentor, and we’ve been following your work for some time now. Your post about [topic] was really insightful.

    We have products that [explain the features of the product], which we believe you’ll find interesting for [reasons].

    Would you be interested in trying and reviewing our products on your blog? You’ll get an opportunity to [benefits]. Let us what you think.

    [your name]

    Don’t be discouraged if the influencer doesn’t reply to your email. You may send a follow-up email, but overdo it, you don’t want to be annoying and to lose your chances on getting his or her nod in the future.

    The key to approaching an influencer is to come up with an attention-grabbing, specific, short, and insightful email. It is your first step to getting that influencer’s seal of approval.