How Private Investigators Find Information About Someone

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    Blog posted on : 08-12-2020

    How Private Investigators Find Information About Someone

    Private investigators are highly skilled professionals who are trained to uncover and excavate information that ordinary individuals can never do on their own. This is because private investigators use certain tools, methods they’ve learned through training and experience, certain databases, their own instincts, and knowledge to find someone’s address or any other information about a particular individual. 

    Since these investigators are so good at bringing the desired results, people sometimes believe they have some superpowers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There’s really no magic involved in their process, but they do go to certain places to extract information about an individual. Let’s discuss those places.


    The Investigative Databases

    Private investigators find a lot of information from professional-grade investigative records that have public information, telephone data and directories, social network data, credit header information, and other stuff about people and their work. The licensed law firms and individual private investigators have access to some very top-quality databases that compile tons of information from a rich variety of sources. 


    Records Of Courts

    When looking into the details of a certain individual, private investigators use current and past court records and proceedings of that person. These records provide an array of details about the person or a particular business. Criminal records are obviously easy to get, but they aren’t the only thing private investigators consider. Civil lawsuits also hold immense importance and this is why they are taken into account as well. Other cases these investigators take out from the information they acquire include litigiousness, sexual harassment allegations, conflicts with employees or employers, and injury claims. All these cases speak volumes about an individual’s character.


    Public Records

    Court proceedings definitely provide a lot, but a vast majority of important and relevant information is also taken from public records that are widely available in the UK. These public records include information regarding property transactions, corporations, government records, and other public directories. However, the only catch in this is that this information is usually not arranged and put in sequential order, nor is it easy to find. This is why investigators have to get in touch with several services that help them in gathering public data in bulk and put them into searchable databases.


    Social Networks

    It goes without saying that social media is the most used platform in today’s world. This particular area does not even discriminate because literally, every segment of society is using social media. These social media sites are exploding in popularity, boasting billions of users on Facebook, and millions active on Twitter. Additionally, there are other niche social networks as well. Even though there has been a prevailing concern regarding privacy of data, due to which people are now a bit reluctant in sharing everything on the internet, social media is still the richest treasure for information. 


    Government Records

    There are certain government repositories where relevant information regarding a certain individual is found. Military records, government records, security exchange commission records, contract information of the federal government, and lobbyist records are a few of the many state and federal government institutes that provide data. Although the information is readily available online in most circumstances, if it’s not, private investigators are well-versed in the matters of law to request certain information that they can get legal access to under certain acts laid out in the constitution.



    Most people aren’t aware of the fact that once you have thrown something in the garbage, it’s not in your ownership anymore. This is why it’s fairly important that whatever you dispose of should be done in a way that it can’t be used against you. Important documents should always be shredded and torn into pieces before they are dumped. These important documents include telephone bills, credit card information, medical records, and any other bill that showcases past activities. Most often private investigators check the garbage outside the suspected individual’s house to find something of their interest. 



    Human intelligence is one of the first things a private investigator relies upon. This includes surveillance, getting into contact with several sources, interviewing the neighbours, colleagues, and past friends or ex-lovers of the suspected person. People sometimes reveal such significant information that could not have been anticipated.