How an Iron Trellis Can Make a Difference

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    Blog posted on : 13-01-2021

    How an Iron Trellis Can Make a Difference

    Whether you use a trellis solely as a fixture of decor or you use it as a functional garden tool to train your climbing blooms and vining vegetables, you’ll notice that quality makes a difference. Of course, if you want to fast-track that realization, you can start here!

    Many garden trellises and wall trellises are made from wood and other lesser-quality materials that, though they might be visually appealing, lack the staying power of heavier, more durable materials like iron and other metals and alloys. When it comes to high-quality decorative accents for your home and garden, H Potter leaves little to be desired.

    For example, their trellises, like all of their accents and decor are handcrafted from high-quality materials, in this case, predominantly wrought iron. In case you needed a breakdown of superior quality in an iron trellis, here it is:

    1. They provide a large selection of unique designs

    Whether you’re looking for a garden trellis for your vegetables, blooms, and other climbing plants, you need a fixture of yard art, or you simply intend to hang a wall trellis indoors for a similar effect, aesthetics matter.

    The designs are H Potter are not only diverse; since they are handcrafted, they are also entirely unique. Visit their website, and you’ll come across wall art inspired by bucolic living, modern art, Italian country design, and much more.

    2. They’re more durable and will last longer

    A wrought iron trellis, like anything made of wrought iron, is an inherently stronger and more reliable piece of art or equipment. The process of making wrought iron (forging) is superior to casting because forging helps to remove impurities and the metal can be heat treated more effectively. Casting leaves room for error and inclusions. To make short of a long matter, a wrought iron scroll trellis is built to last. The expression “to be made of iron” chose the comparative iron for a reason!

    3. They’re given a finish to resist corrosion

    Iron in its native form is subject to corrosion and therefore fastidious care must be taken to prevent rusting. However, H Potter’s designs are made to make your life easier - many of their iron trellises are finished with a powder coat which is not only attractive but also impressively effective at preventing corrosion. Built to survive through the seasons, their powder-coat finish also lends a more rustic character to your patio wall decor in metal or your garden!

    4. They’ll provide you (and your plants) with many seasons of enjoyment.

    As a consequence of their high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, an H Potter iron trellis is simply built to last. They’re tough enough to use in the outdoors, year round, to support your vining plants, and they’re also attractive enough to hang on the wall as an accent!

    Visit their website,, if you want to see just what kind of decorative excellence H Potter can provide for your home and garden. Check out what they offer and if you have any questions, call them at 208-640-4206!