How beneficial is RMC for a construction project

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    Blog posted on : 24-08-2020

    How beneficial is RMC for a construction project

    What type of concrete is RMC?

    Either the project is smaller or larger use of concrete is a mandatory thing. RMC is a type of concrete made from a mixture of water, cement, and aggregates with less amount of clay in it which is mixed well before it is delivered on the site.

    In the past, the mixing process of the concrete was done with the help of laborers and helpers on the site but now the evolvement of the industry has brought ease in human life. The manufacturing process of ready mix concrete east London has become easy with the consumption of less time and energy. Though everything has its upsides and downsides so to let’s get to know how beneficial is RMC for a construction project.


    The upsides of using ready mix concrete are:

    1. Environment Friendly:
      It is environment friendly as it minimizes the emission of rays due to bulk of cement is used and minimize the dust and noise pollution.

    2. Efficient:

      As the automatic mixing has made the manufacturing process easier and effective with efficient use of material.

    3. Consistent quality:

      The ready mix concrete east London has improved the quality of concrete as the raw material is tested first to meet the required standard.

    4. Saves storage space:

      It has provided convenience to the builders, as the use of ready mix concrete east London saves on storage space and can be used at any time when needed.

    Whether you are building your house or office building, you would be interested in knowing the disadvantages of the product or material you are using for its manufacturing.


    The disadvantages are:

    1. Initial Investment:

      While ordering from anyone in London, you need to invest a huge amount initially for your ready mix concrete east London.

    2. Good transportation:

      For this, you need to have some effective transportation from plant batching to deliver it to the job site. Otherwise, it will not be effective for your project.

    3. Slumps in the mixture:

      It is more often to experience slumps in the mixture of concrete as the ready mix concrete east London is pre-mixed and requires the addition of water to give it a good texture.

    4. Time Limitation:

      It is made for a limited time and should be used within 4 hours. Otherwise, it can create a problem.

    In addition to this, the ready-mix concrete east London increases

    • Speed in construction practices
    • Depends less on the laborers and gives less chance of human error.

     The concrete supplying companies deliver a sufficient amount timely at the required place but it requires the framework to be ready before the concrete reaches on-site. So one should be careful in ordering the concrete for its purpose and should know the advantages and disadvantages of using ready mix concrete to save everything from trouble. For more convenience, the customer care service is always available to guide the contractors and ease their ways.