How can I apply for the Prometric exam in Dubai

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    Blog posted on : 25-03-2021

    How can I apply for the Prometric exam in Dubai

    The healthcare professionals in Dubai and the medical aspirants who wish to work in Dubai should need a DHA license to pursue their careers. Healthcare practice license in Dubai is supplied by the Health Regulation Department of the Dubai Health Authority. The healthcare professionals should necessarily apply for a DHA license and pass the skill test and assessments to obtain a working license.  


    The candidates who have proper qualifications and skills to provide quality healthcare services to residents of Dubai and the candidates from complementary, traditional, and alternative medicine who require a DHA license to work in Dubai include and are not restricted to dentists, nurses, physicians, midwives, allied healthcare, etc. 


    The DHA license process is quite long and straightforward. In order to apply for your medical license in the UAE, here’s what you need to know.


    1. Self-assessment tool


    The first step towards DHA license application is to complete the initial self-assessment. 


    • Visit Sheryan self-assessment portal
    • Enter the required information and submit


    Based on the provided information the portal will disclose whether you are eligible to be a part of the Dubai Medical Registry or not. If you are qualified, move to the next step. If not, opt for the manual review of your profile. For manual review:


    • Submit an online application with required documents and details
    • Pay the fees of AED 200
    • Wait for DHA review, it may take up to 10 days


    Documents required 


    • A recent photograph
    • Copy of your valid passport
    • Experience certificates
    • Educational qualifications
    • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC)


    2. Create a Sheryan account  


    You should create a personal ID before beginning the DHA licensing process. For that: 


    • Visit DHA Single Sign On Portal 
    • Click Register new account
    • Enter necessary information
    • Click register


    You will receive account authentication details through email. 


    3. The PSV and CBT Assessment


    The candidates who are eligible for the DHA license in Dubai should qualify Primary Source Verification (PSV) settled and pass the CBT assessment if required. 


    The PSV via DataFlow


    The DHA has partnered with the Data Flow group to monitor professional applicants for the Dubai healthcare sector. The PSV checks the educational backgrounds and credentials of all candidates who submit DHA license applications. This is to make sure that only bone fide profiles make it to the Dubai Medical Registry.


    The CBT assessment via Prometric


    Initial CBT assessment may be required to doctors, dentists, and nurses. This DHA license exam is conducted and managed by Prometric. Prometric is an independent examination board to rate the knowledge and skill levels of the applicants. The Prometric exam should be faced with proper preparation. You can go for Rapid Access Guide from Medical Exam Books, top publishers in UAE for providing Prometric exam study materials (MCQs). 


    Once you pass your Prometric CBT assessment and the PSV review, you can go forward to register yourself for the DHA license in Dubai.


    4. Get registered


    For license application processing, you need to register on the DHA Sheryan. 


    • Click on the “Register a Professional”
    • Provide the relevant information
    • Upload required documents 
    • Pay the DHA registration fees of AED 200 then submit


    DHA will review the application based on CBT and PSV results. Then either approve, return or reject your application. 


    5. Schedule oral assessment


    Rely on the profession you are applying for, the DHA may require you to take an oral assessment. 


    • Schedule date for the oral assessment
    • Pay the fees


    As soon as you pass the assessment, you will be a registered DHA professional. Now activate your DHA professional license:


    • Apply for the activation in your Sheryan account
    • Submit offer letter and malpractice insurance certificate
    • Pay license activation fees of AED 1000 to AED 3000


    After activation, the DHA will issue an interim license until the original one is delivered to you.