How can linkedIn be used for marketing

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    Blog posted on : 23-07-2020

    How can linkedIn be used for marketing


    LinkedIn is a powerful tool, for building connections with professionals. Millions of professionals use it every-day for career advancements. However you can use it for your business too. More than 30 million companies use it to improvise their business. From building connections, forming partnerships, generating leads and improving your brand image, LinkedIn serves it all. It can take your digital marketing strategy to new heights if well utilised.

    It is an extremely professional network, unlike other social media platforms. It specifically revolves around developing careers, building professional connections, gathering industry related information and basically every activity associated with your business. On this platform, your business can enable direct contact with your potent audience about its operations or services and post regular updates about it. LinkedIn network consists of a different type of audience where your traditional fundamentals of marketing would not work for generating leads. Blind advertisements and just pushing products for consumers to buy are highly looked down upon. You should opt for a different approach. Here is a guide to equip you with all marketing hacks for building audience, generating revenue, find new customers and ultimately grow your business levels significantly.

    1. Get started with the basics correctly:-  while being on a social media platform, it is important for your business profile to connect with the audience. This means you need to build a great profile first, before taking your digital marketing strategies to a next level. It might sound a tedious job, but is worth all the time and efforts as you can reap its benefits in the long run. Start by putting an appealing yet relevant profile picture that aligns with your business and its fundamentals. As a businessman, you need to put a skill and highlight its importance thoroughly on your business. Even if you have multiple roles. Lay stress on the significance of a particular one. Try mentioning details about your website, because with LinkedIn features, your website address, blog URL, Twitter handle and other social media addresses along with your contact details is going to be visible to everyone who visits your profile. Therefore try incorporating as much information as you can about your business and yourself to build a strong profile which can be easily discovered at the platform.
    2. Capitalize on utilizing blogs:- blogging is an underrated form of persuasive marketing skill which goes well with almost everyone who wants to connect with someone, or accumulate some information. Platforms such as LinkedIn, offer you a great content management interface where you can write blogs to express your opinions. The white canvas of LinkedIn accompanied with its features of adding images to posts makes them a lot more attractive and viable for people viewing it. With each blog you write, engagement and the response of the audience can be accurately measured using features such as likes, comments or share which can give you insights about how the audience perceives them. You can inculcate necessary changes if required by analyzing the needs of the audience. It is a great marketing tool which helps your audience be aware and understand the concept behind your content. With every blogs that you write, you can create a greater visibility of your profile in the search filter results as well as create exposure for yourself by delivering diverse content on various topics to your audience.
    3. LinkedIn Ads:- if you are looking for best results, to provide exposure to your company then go for LinkedIn Ads. It can curate the much needed response from the targeted professionals in a flick of time for your marketing campaign. You just need to describe the start and the end dates of your campaign specified with the amount of money you are willing to invest on the advertisement. When you are formulating the script of your campaign, just make sure that it is compact and serves the purpose in brief. It should be smartly formulated and aim to strike the right chords in just a glance. This will increase the chances of generating a response in action. Providing all information and addressing the referrals with a dedicated LinkedIn page for each campaign that you run using these Ads is bound to assure you with better growth yields.
    4. Find targeted audience and customers:- learning about your potent audience and aiming your policies at them is the core of your digital marketing agenda. You should look for prospect consumers who are genuinely interested in your brand for building long term relationships. Once you analyze the people you need to cater to, it is important to define your goals and objectives that would immediately correspond with the people who are interested. The major benefit of Direct Sponsored Content on your LinkedIn messages helps you to measure what engages your audience the most. For yielding better performance checks, higher credibility generated by audience interpret your demographics, define the subsets of audience responding to you and then finally narrow down the list to the most relevant group.
    5. Stay on customer radars:- after you have found out the relevant audience for your business, look for methods and strategies that could help you drive more traffic and attract new customers. People often search for the best fit amongst brands that could possibly serve them. You need to aim to be on their radars so that they could choose you time and again. Salesy marketing does not go well on the platform because people look for fresh and innovative schemes. Put up unique and creative content that could set you apart from your competitors. Most importantly have a good consumer service and feedback policies which could immediately respond to the customer’s queries. The easy to use, flexible features of LinkedIn, allows you to keep the voice of your customer in the heart of the business. This could generate more leads for your brand.
    6. Utilize the potential of premium search filters:- marketers often tend to opt for traditional marketing schemes to diffuse information to a large sector of audience for fetching results. But that just lets all your efforts go in vain. The prime reason behind it is the lack of segmentation. While catering to numerous people, you cannot just fulfil all their aspirations at a time. It requires you to categorize your audience on different aspects. As you narrow down this wide funnel, you could be at a better place of your marketing skills. LinkedIn allows you to identify various search results using the premium filters. Some of the basic classifications of this filter are:-
    • Based on functions: filter profiles based on the roles they play or the job entitled to them. You need to predefine different categories and place individuals based on it.
    • Age: this filter could sieve all professionals based on their years of experience in a particular industry or field.
    • Seniority: it could classify professionals from their rank of authority or position in a company.

      7.Create and join groups:- one outstanding feature for marketers on LinkedIn is to create and join groups. Try remaining active on different groups related to your business ideas, industry related or related to your target demographics. Initiate conversations in these groups, discuss about relevant issues occurring in the business world. This could keep you updated with all the latest information happening as well as garner different views which helps you come up with the best conclusion derived from different people. If you begin to respond and ask more in groups can help build better relations by promoting healthy interactions. You should never assume that a shy spectator is not equipped with the ongoing discussions, everyone gets to learn better from such discussions even though they do not express. This will help you generate leads on the platform.


    8.Follow industry trends:- industry specialists correspond the ongoing trends of the market immediately. This will keep the policy makers updated about the needs of the markets and accordingly stimulate plans that could function best with them. Markets are exposed to new technologies, resources and amendments everyday which need to be regulated. There are different guilds, institutions and Government organizations which bring in new advancements in existing rules or improvise old legislations. You need to learn about them and also express your opinions which will be much sought for various people in your operating domain. Sharing your views can differentiate you and also provide the much needed exposure on the platform. Therefore keeping yourself updated with the latest industry trends is vital for your business marketing strategy.

    9.Get advanced with analytics:- there are several ways to optimize and monitor the performance of your LinkedIn page. For this you need to drill down into the figures and data that keeps a check on the engagement and performance of your page. One such exciting feature that gets you up-close with these analytics is the feature which reveals who has viewed your profile. LinkedIn provides its users the most enviable feature to get access to people viewing your profile. For the free version, it allows you to know who has viewed your profile in the last ninety days but not reveal their identities. However, with the premium version you can instantly get to contact them through In-mail. This is a very prominent functionality of LinkedIn which could help you learn better about the people who are interested in your brand and contact them thereby, improving the brand spectrum as well as customer reach.

    10.Post status updates:- not being active on social media platforms completely eradicates the purpose of being on them. You need to be consistent and post regular updates. This feature of posting status updates can impose a wonderful impact on your business by letting your audience be updated about the happenings of your business. LinkedIn status updates are three-hundred word messages that can give your audience relevant knowledge about an upcoming event, a business module or just daily insights in your business operations. These are power-packed tools which could directly communicate a lot to your audience. However you should use them carefully as too many updates can turn annoying. You should strategize properly about when and what you need to post. Features like sharing, liking or comments on such updates can boost engagement rates considerably.

    LinkedIn is an amazing reservoir of finding information, gaining knowledge as well as building connection with the comfort of sitting at your home. It allows you to connect with millions of erudite professional worldwide and can boost productivity levels. You should just learn to utilize its features efficiently and then there is no looking back in your digital marketing ideas