How to Avoid American Airlines Change Cancellation Fee

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    Blog posted on : 06-01-2021

    How to Avoid American Airlines Change Cancellation Fee

    Change of schedule can happen at any time without any advance notification and, therefore, one must be ready for the same and play smart while making flight bookings. American Airlines is one of the leading air carriers in the aviation industry that facilitates the travelers by offering incredible amenities and services; however, this is an expensive airline that charges a whopping cost of around $75 for domestic flight cancellation and itinerary changes and around $200 for terminating international flights. So, if you have made American Airlines Reservations and got stuck into an unexpected condition, then use the below-mentioned ways to avoid these extra charges. 

    Ways to Avoid Change and Cancellation Fee With American Airlines

    Do it within 24 hours

    The very first way to avoid these additional charges is that you should make changes or cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase. All US air carriers and almost all flights that fly to and from America offer 24-hour cancellation and change policy to ease the travelers. However, the condition is that the flight ticket must be booked at least 7 days before the flight take-off. 

    Opt for the flexible fare type

    Thinking about the sudden change in plans? Well, in that case, you are suggested to buy the flexible fare type that allows you to make complimentary flight changes and cancellation. The cost you pay to buy the flexible fare type is much less than the one-time change or cancellation charges. Therefore, think about the long run and buy the flexible fare type at the time of making American Airlines Booking.

    Make same-day changes 

    Yet another option that can help you in reducing the additional cancellation or change fees is to make the same-day itinerary change. Before opting for this option, let’s get to know about the same in a bit of detail. First of all, this is no complimentary; however, it is way more cheaper than making the complete change of the itinerary, therefore, recommended. The next thing is that it is possible only if you just want to change the time by keeping the source and destination the same as the original. 

    Have a good reason

    Last but not least way to avoid the cancelation or change fee is to have the good reason to convince the airline so that they get ready to eliminate this additional cost. 

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