How to Change WordPress Hosting

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    Blog posted on : 30-03-2021

    How to Change WordPress Hosting

    WordPress hosting migration poses the risk of website downtime, SERP ranking loss, and ultimately sale decrease. Hence, you need to follow the Instant Help Zilla website to know the best way to change WordPress hosting. Our method ensures that your website faces less chance of data loss and downtime.


    Simple Steps to Change WordPress Hosting


    You might be shifting from or a different regular hosting service provider. Here, you will find complete instructions on how to transfer WordPress to a new host.


    To change WordPress hosting of the entire WordPress website, you need to complete three tasks. The process is easy and full proof if properly executed. The three segments are as follows:


    • Transferring existing files
    • Migrating the database
    • Configuring again in the new host server


    A. Migrating the Files


    There are many FTP clients available on the Internet for website file migration. You may use any FTP suite that you choose. Most Webmasters use this method for transferring website data.


    B. Transferring the Database


    To change WordPress hosting, you also need to migrate the existing database to the new server. The Webmasters prefer phpMyAdmin for the database shifting. The support team of the previous website host may also help you in guiding through the migration. Create a new database in the new hosting account and place the imported database there.


    C. Reconfiguring the Website in the New Host Server


    The WordPress website needs some technical changes so that it can start working from the new server. You need to open wp-config.php in the root folder of WordPress and locate these lines:



    Now, replace values with some database information like database name, username, and password. Replace the hostname with localhost.



    To change WordPress hosting, the best steps that you could follow is from the Instant Help Zilla. You can keep visiting our website for more know-hows about websites and the Internet.