How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Tile

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    Blog posted on : 20-08-2020

    How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Tile

    As easy as it may seem, narrowing down on the right kind of swimming pool tile for your needs is quite a hard task. In fact, the variety alone might make this task overwhelming for most people. There are so many different types of tile styles - from glass mosaic tile backsplash to aqua mosaic tiles - making this process appalling. 

    Here’s how you can choose the right tile for yourself: 

    1. Establish a budget :-

    No matter what, most of us act like money doesn’t matter, and refuse to talk about it. However much you like something, it’s important to consider money, not at the last stage. Establishing a budget is quite important right at the start of your planning phase. It is also important to stick to the budget and not overspend. All the expenses do add up when it comes to building a swimming pool. 

    2. Prioritize Safety Above All :-

    After establishing a budget, the next facet of utmost importance is noting down how safety plays into choosing a pool mosaic tile or any other kind of tile. Always make sure to choose slip-resistant tiles for areas right outside the pool, as it can get extremely slippery after you get out of the pool. Tiles should have surfaces that prevent any kind of slipping. Choosing one like that can ensure full safety. 

    3. Lifetime Guarantee :-

    Going fancy might not be the same as getting swimming pool tiles that have a lifetime guarantee against damages and having an even color. Most often than not, people choose tiles that look exquisite. However, don’t last the test of time. The color fades off and is not even in different patches inside the pool. You don’t want to experience this. You might then be ashamed to host a pool party at your place out of embarrassment. A lasting but appealing look can save plenty of holes in your pocket and keep your pool looking stunning for a lifetime. 

    4. Choose a Design :-

    If you have a plan looking rectangular or square-shaped pool, it is best to go for a tile design that has different prints but makes a cohesive design. On the other hand, if you have a fun shaped pool, it is best to opt for plain mosaic tiles for pools or even combine it with a combination of different tiles, to make it even more interesting in shape and color. Let loose the artist in you, and surely enough, your pool will look the highlight of your home unabashedly. 

    5. Ask for Samples :-

    Now that you have all the makings of a great swimming pool tile combination, the next best thing to focus on is getting samples delivered to your place. Especially during these trying times, it is safer for all of us to coop inside our homes and get items delivered home rather than go look for tiles outdoors. Make sure to go ahead and order samples, this way, you can test out the samples and get an expert opinion with those installing tiles into our pools as well. Doing so can make the process quite fool-proof.