How to Decorate Tall Flower Pots

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    Blog posted on : 18-01-2021

    How to Decorate Tall Flower Pots

    We all love the look of a tall, beautiful planter at the doorway of a home or in the backyard. They add a strong air of elegance that decorates the home with the look of luxury, no matter how much you actually spent on them. Plants are great at brightening up a home and bringing a sense of liveliness to a place; they are inviting to family and guests alike. It is easy to see why people would want tall flower pots of their own decorating the front or back of the property. That does leave us, however, with the question of how to arrange the plants within the flower pot. What are the best styles of arrangement for tall flower pots? When it comes to filling out the surface of a tall planter, we offer two different shape ideas: tall and slim or short and full.

    Reaching Heights

    A good way to achieve a dramatic appearance in your tall flower pots is to make them even taller. Double down on height by creating a tall floral arrangement that prioritizes height over width. Using tall, but slim plants create a dramatic elegance that is hard to not give a double take at. Pair a tall, simple flower planter with plants like cosmos, bugbane, or love lies bleeding. Instead of flowers, you can also opt for plants with richly colored leaves like snake plants that grow vertically. The mostly monochromatic leaves will keep your planter neutral in color and allow you to avoid worries about flower petals not looking their best year-round.

    Fullness All-Around

    Instead of leaning into the height, you can play against it. Try wide, but low-sitting plants for your tall planter and get a full but understated look. For this type of flower arrangement, you will likely want a planter that is less tapered all the way up or at least one that has a wider mouth at the top for your plants to sit. Some great examples of plants for this style include golden sword yucca, red twig dogwood, or Cranesbill geranium. These plants look beautiful filling out the entire surface of the planter, even to the point of the leaves spilling over the edges.

    Whichever arrangement of plants you prefer for your tall flower pots, you have plenty of options for decorating them as you see fit. Experiment with different color stories and styles that play off of your personal taste and the designs you are looking for in your home. This might lead you to minimal, neutral arrangements that focus on subtlety. Or it might lead you to colorful, playful flower arrangements that brighten up the entire neighborhood. Either way, you have the ability to decorate the front or back of your home to represent you and what you like. This is your home after all. Make your mark. If you need any help finding the tall planters for you, has the best selection for you to choose from. Browse their website for all the home garden or indoor plant decor you need.