How to Identify proper Synonyms

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    Blog posted on : 20-08-2020

    How to Identify proper Synonyms

    There are some tricks and techniques which are to be important to find proper synonyms. These are –

    1. If one does not know the exact meaning of the word, try to understand it in the context of the paragraph and try to chalk out the synonyms.
    2. In case if the meaning of the word is not clear, going through all the available options can certainly be considered as a good idea. By doing so, one can get a good sense of idea about the given question & start using the available options one after the other.
    3. Sometimes it happens like that a particular word sounds more like a tongue twister, so it is important to try & break it into meaningful parts. Hence one can figure out an see the exact meaning of the wor
    4. One of the effective ways of knowing & scoring well in this section is to keep a regular tab & enough involvement of reading synonyms & making one’s own list. Revising the list regularly helps one in remembering the synonyms more often.
    5. While replacing a particular word in sentence, using its synonym, it is important to see to it that the context does not change nor the whole meaning of the sentence.

    Hence there are some techniques which are been important to understand the synonyms. These are-

    Find the origin of the word;

     Understanding the roots of the word is important and hence it is important also to make the word known, even if it is unknown or the individual has no idea about all those. For example, words like eunoia, the word may sound a bit weird but if someone gets to know the actual context of that word, he can understand the meaning.

    For example, the meaning of the word could be well written.

    • Elimination rule

    Another method of discovering the synonyms could be like neglecting the improbable. Hence here the sentence needs to be fit to the actual one.  Hence there must have to be certain options in the context of the word. Considering an example of this could be like

    The word esoteric is not been understood by many and hence the word could have answers like either unambiguous or superficial.  Hence if the word is not meant actually like this, then the value could be like that both of the words do not go for any of the meanings at all.

    • Vocabulary improvement

     In order to understand an easy way to go for memorizing the words, it is important to go through all the online thesauruses available and also learn to effectively use the same thus putting the correctly related words to the first place. Thus the user could look to maintain a pocket diary and write a few words every day and also to get the knowledge. Other than this it also needs to use all the English dictionary apps and try to increase much knowledge as possible.

    How to choose appropriate synonyms for composition?

    This lesson plan outlines how to pair a quick interactive activity with a text lesson to solidify student understanding of synonyms. To take your instruction even further, use supplementary activities and related lessons.

    Learning Objectives:

    Upon completion of this lesson, it will be able to make understand:

    Define synonym and Identify synonyms

    Choose appropriate synonyms for composition-


    30 minutes


    A whiteboard or chalkboard

    Dry erase markers or chalk

    Notebook paper

    Pens or pencils

    Tablets, computers, or projector to access lesson

    Curriculum Standards

    Use of precious standards or process descriptive details, and sensory language to convey experiences and events.


    As the students are reading, write the following words on the board:











    Now all the theses synonyms have a much important phrase to follow and hence it can be seen that the same had been able to maintain composition.

    When the students have finished writing the synonyms, ask them to share the different to terms they came up with for 'FRIEND.' Write each synonym on the board, avoiding duplicates, until all of the synonyms for 'FRIEND' have been listed.

    Go through this same process for each of the ten words, writing new synonyms on the board as they are shared.

    Finally, ask students to complete the associated quiz on


    Have students find synonyms for the words of their favorite song.

    Ask students to compose a simple paragraph on what they ate for breakfast. Now have them use a thesaurus to replace common words with more unique synonyms.

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