How to Make Easy Bariatric Meal Plans At Home

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    Blog posted on : 01-03-2021

    How to Make Easy Bariatric Meal Plans At Home

    As you go over everything that your doctor told you to do, pre- and post-op, you are looking over various bariatric meal plans online and all of the things that you will be allowed to eat in moderation. Each stage of your post-op recovery experience will mean there are different types of food you should be eating from the liquids only diet of the first week to the pureed diet for the next few weeks, and the soft foods diet for the next couple of weeks until your doctor gives the ok to return to a normal but balanced diet. While you are looking over all of these bariatric meal plans, you might be a bit concerned with how you are going to find everything you are looking for. You need food that checks all the boxes but is also not too difficult to prepare at home and still taste good. At the very least, you should know what all your options are for eating correctly after your bariatric procedure. Know that you do have options in the form of bariatric meal plans that you can order online. Here is a look at some of the meals you can easily prepare for yourself at home.

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    The biggest question is how you are going to prepare healthy meals every day multiple times a day. It is not always easy to cook good home meals in general, so when you are dealing with dietary restrictions, it can seem even more intimidating. One great way to get around this is to find ready to make meals that fit into bariatric meal plans. You can eat pancakes in the morning, then chili for lunch, and finish the day with a bowl of corn chowder. And just like that, you’ve made three separate meals that all fit within your needs after bariatric surgery and with little effort. It does not need to be scary at all. If you want to make most of your meals by scratch, meals like these are great options to have on standby in case you feel too tired one day or need to pick up some groceries.

    Snacks Throughout the Day
    Rather than a few large meals, you will want reasonably sized meals with a few snacks in between so that you are not starving or completely full. Well-balanced bariatric meal plans have to include healthy snack options like cinnamon oatmeal bars or these coffee cake crisp bars. You can say goodbye to fatty fried pork rinds and hello to these pork puffs for a healthy alternative to something you might have liked. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating salads and smoothies only. You can still have flavor when it is done right.

    With just a few examples, we’ve already gone over several ways you can prepare easy meals for yourself at home while following your needs post-bariatric procedure. There is no need to feel intimidated by or concerned with the idea of making your own meals at home. It can be much simpler and more convenient than you might have thought. For more meals, snacks, and other components of easy bariatric meal plans, you can check out Bariatric Eating now.