How to Manage time For Blogging by Using Online Stop Watch

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    Blog posted on : 06-04-2021

    How to Manage time For Blogging by Using Online Stop Watch

    How to Manage time For Blogging by Using Online Stop Watch

    Blogging is not only an end in itself. It can also help you generate more referrals for your design and development business. And for some, the revenue generated from a monetized blog can become their main source of income. You should have an online stop watch to measure time for the blog.

    However, one of the hardest things about blogging is finding the time to put virtual pen to paper. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be covering time management for bloggers to help you find the time to blog even when working full-time. Whether you’re still in gainful employment or you’ve already started on your own and want to use blogging to improve your current situation, this article is for you.

    Between keyword research, writing, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, and editorial strategy, bloggers wear many hats. If you’re working full-time on top of all of that, the pressure is on, because you have just as much work to do on your blog, in way less time. This all makes mastering time management for bloggers essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of content marketing and blogging in general. A multi timer stopwatch is much needed for this task.

    Your blog has to start somewhere, and in many cases, that somewhere is those odds and ends of time before and after your “real job.” Keep reading to learn more about time management for bloggers – and the mindset – you need to make your blog a success, even when you work full-time.

    Consider Your Priorities

    Like it or not, we as humans are limited in how many things we can pay close attention to at once. You can’t have ten priorities; if you did, the word “priority” would lose its meaning. Some people say even having more than one priority is too many.

    For most, three priorities are more of a realistic amount. It gives room to dedicate time to multiple important pursuits but still helps put tough decisions about what can stay and what has to go on the back burner – for now.

    Think about your top three priorities. What are they? If your blog can’t make it into your top three priorities, seriously consider whether you have the time or desire to dedicate to running a successful blog right now. A blog can help you grow your freelance business or agency, but it shouldn’t at the expense of the time you need to devote to your clients. Set Goals

    It would be easy to write a whole post on goal setting for bloggers. But, put simply, goals can be a huge motivation for most bloggers.

    The key with goals is to make them challenging but attainable, and as soon as you reach one, to set a new goal. Try experimenting with the scope of your goals. You might find that a smaller scope keeps a goal at the forefront of your mind. Rather than being some distant objects in the far-flung future. Setting a goal for the next week or month rather than an overarching goal for the year often works best.

    It can also help to make your goals public, in order to help put some pressure on you. Whether that means making a promise to your readers or creating a pact with a friend who understands the importance of your blog, nothing quite puts the pressure on like building up others’ expectations of us.

    Stay Consistent

    Finally, in our guide to time management for bloggers, it doesn’t matter how much you toil away working on your blog if you can only muster up that energy once every two or three months. Blogging is a long game, and to make it work you need to be consistent.

    For some, that means doing something for their blog every single day, no matter how small. Even if you can’t manage to do something impactful on a given day, don’t let it derail you. The next night, get right back to focusing on your priories.

    For others, staying consistent could mean being as strict as writing and publishing posts by maintaining stopwatches online on certain days of the week or even daily blogging. Reaching this level of consistency can be difficult, but some swear by it.

    Final Thoughts

    As difficult as it sounds (and it is difficult), it is possible to run a blog and work full-time, whether that’s in a regular job or on your own business.

    Here are some of the time management tips for bloggers discussed in this article to help you make time to blog:

    • Determine your top three priorities; make sure blogging is one of them.
    • Find all the pockets of time you could be devoted to blogging and use them more effectively.
    • Give yourself time and room to work deeply.
    • Batch process-related tasks.
    • Set short-term, challenging but achievable goals.
    • Be consistent. Make blogging a daily habit rather than an occasional binge.

    What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to mastering time management for bloggers? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.