How to Market Your Unsold Books on the Internet

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    Blog posted on : 09-11-2020

    How to Market Your Unsold Books on the Internet

    Your book shows your wondrous information, your creativity, your genius. It's your dream come true. Or is it? You have already tried a few venues-- maybe an expo, book signings, press releases, book reviews, distributors, wholesalers, speaking, and book tours.

    Now, there is a new way to market those unsold books. Use the

    Internet. And you don't even have to have your own Web site or spend money.

    Get ready to create a continuous, passive income. Be ready for those checks and credit card charges coming your way often!

    What Kind of Books Can I Market?

    Depending on your passion, your willingness to learn a new way, and putting energy into your campaign, you can market any kind of book: how-to, non-fiction, fiction, short special reports, booklets, training manuals, workbooks, poetry, short stories, articles.

    • Sell your Print Books and Create New eBooks
    • If you already have a print book, you can still sell it Online.
    • One way to draw attention to it is to write a short eBook on the same subject. This won't take long.

    Make this eBook from 25-90 pages. You can take the information right from your print book. Just copy and paste information on one topic, perhaps one chapter. Reduce the number of stories to keep it short. Then add a new introduction and conclusion. People on the Net want straight-to-the-point information.

    Put your eBook into Word and Portable Document Format. Use your Word file to update and edit and use your PDF file to send your book by email or from your Web site.

    Who will Buy?                                

    You can sell your short eBook for 6.95-$ 24.95, depending on how much your audience wants it and how well you write your sales copy. You can also give this book away to stimulate your audience to want the whole story-- the print book.

    Online audiences read all kinds of books. Many will want the shorter electronic version and be perfectly willing to print it.

    Others only want a book they can hold and enjoy on their nightstand a long time. They will buy the print version.

    According to writers to publicize your books start writing short articles, anywhere from 300-800 words on your book's topics. When you submit to Online Publishers, Webmasters, and e-zine owners, each article will be seen by thousands, even hundreds of thousands of

    Online readers. They are hungry for information. That's why they go to the Web. After a few months, your articles will be listed on maybe 1000 other Web sites with a link back to where you sell your book. This number grows as your submissions. Your book coach now listed on over 80,000 Web sites with a link back to her book coaching and book-selling pages.

    At the bottom of the e-zine, add a signature file that gives your title, tag line, book title, free offer, phone numbers, and e and

    Web addresses.

    While your title may impress some, your tag line is far more important. What major benefit do you bring potential buyers?

    For example, "Helps professionals make money on their books through the Internet." Offer a free report or a free e-zine to seal the deal. You please your audience by giving free information which may lead them to check out your book sales copy-- even buy your book.

    When they visit your site, they may subscribe to your e-zine or order a free special report. Here, you collect their email and can use it later for more announcements. This is permission marketing.

    Divide and conquer. Use your one book as a springboard for many others and catapult your sales. Reluctant marketers and introverts will love this way to get their book into the hands of their audience.