How to Save Money When You Buy a Diamond Bridal Ring

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    Blog posted on : 25-12-2020

    How to Save Money When You Buy a Diamond Bridal Ring

    Does buying a designer diamond bridal ring have to be incredibly expensive? Not necessarily. In fact, there are many ways you can buy this all-important gift and actually be able to afford it. Remember, getting a deal on an engagement ring doesn’t mean you love your bride-to-be any less. In fact, it means just the opposite! You actually want a life with her, one that doesn't start out in debt. Saving money now just means you’ll have more money left over to spend on the wedding and married life in general.


    Here are a few ways to go about doing it:


    #1 Shop online when you buy a diamond bridal ring. You can save money shopping online for just about anything, from shoes to dog food to yes, even diamond rings. It may be a little nerve wracking to order something like this without actually seeing it, but as long as you go through a reputable website there is nothing to fear. You can get a great diamond with top color, cut, and clarity by shopping online. According to data, almost 55% of all diamonds sold online are Excellent cuts.


    #2 Substitute some features for others. The carat weight isn't all that matters! Be willing to be a smaller carat weight in order to get a higher cut grade, if need be. For example, a mediocre 1.5-carat diamond will not shine as brightly or draw as much attention for your soon-to-be fiance as a stunning 1.0 carat diamond. Thinking your soon-to-be-fiance would be fine with an obviously flawed, yellow-ish diamond ring just because it is big would probably be incorrect.


    #3 Avoid gift-giving holidays. There may not be a perfect day or time to buy an engagement ring for the one you love, but there’s definitely a time to avoid. This is the Christmas holiday season. It’s not that the diamond wholesalers raise their prices during holiday seasons, it’s that during holidays more diamonds sell. The best bargain-priced diamonds obviously are sold first. Basically, you won't be able to find one "on sale" that is actually good looking.


    #4 Buy a fraction carat size. Some shoppers who aren't as savvy as you will say "Only a two-carat diamond will do!" This leaves a lot of 1.67-carat diamonds left sitting around. It's all about supply and demand. You can get a similar appearance for a much lower price, sometimes as much at 15% less for a .03% difference. Wow!


    Buying a diamond is a lot easier if you don't have a budget. Wouldn't that be nice! Unfortunately that isn't the case for your situation and you're going to have to work a bit to find a great deal. Don't worry, when you buy a beautiful engagement diamond ring and she says yes, all of this hard work will be worth it. Take your time and learn about how to expertly shop for diamonds so you can present her with one that is beautiful and flawless, just like her.