How to Stay Productive As Deliver Professional Recordings

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    Blog posted on : 01-03-2021

    How to Stay Productive As Deliver Professional Recordings

    How To Stay Productive As A voice Actor And Deliver Professional Recordings?

    The struggle of having unproductive studio sessions is real! Sometimes, as a voice actor one might feel that nothing is getting accomplished and this can be a serious issue when this happens during a live recording session or an audition. While sometimes it is inevitable for you to have a bad recording day, mostly a little bit of preparation and planning before the actual studio session, can help you to avoid these unproductive sessions and deliver professional dubbing services in multiple languages. Here is a list of five ways you can become more productive in the studio:

    Start with Prioritization

    Not enough can be said about starting your day by prioritizing your task. It is always easier to keep track of what you have to get done if you plan your time wisely beforehand. You can maintain a list of all the ‘to-do’ items to be worked on during your studio time and can keep a tab on how many things can be completed in a day. This will help in ensuring an established workflow and will improve your overall efficiency. It also allows you to enter the studio during your pre-established production hours with a clear mindset of everything you want to accomplish set ahead of you, giving you the necessary motivation to record a quality advertisement, Elearning or animation voice over.

    Some people may find it easier to set up their plan of action for the week ahead during the weekend while others may thrive from writing a daily plan each morning after they wake up. Spending a few minutes to list out your priorities before getting started with your daily studio activities will effectively get you focused for the tasks ahead.


    Work in an ergonomic workspace

    The ideal studio set-up is the one where you have easy access to everything you need, without needing to constantly set-up hardware from scratch every time you’re working on a new voice over recording. A great way to start is to take the initial time to find the best recording setup for you, and then use the exact same setup every time. For some, this means making sure the microphone is positioned correctly and headphones are within arms length to the side. Also, to save time, have all your hardware plugged in and ready to go. Whatever your preferences, get in the habit of starting each session by setting up in the exact same way, as you’ll soon become a master of quickly getting ready to record without wasting time.

    The essential point is that your studio environment should be a positive, comfortable, inviting, inspiring space with an established workflow that you can ease into without needing to spend unnecessary time to set up every day.

    Stay away from distractions.

    How often do you get distracted by your emails, Facebook notifications, text messages, and phone calls? Solve the problem!

    As a professional voice actor online, work on your studio through a dedicated studio computer that just has your demos/samples and your professional voice over recordings. There should be no internet browser or games installed. Get a dedicated machine and put your phone on silent until you’ve finished your studio work.

    Also, the objects in your studio should not become a distraction or a hindrance to your workflow. Practising work cleanliness is conducive to an increase in production output, but some people work better in an environment set-up in a way that may seem a bit messy to others but is workable for their needs.

    Take scheduled breaks

    If you work too hard for too long, your brain gets overwhelmed and your productivity can drop off significantly. Take quick five or ten minute breaks frequently throughout the day to stay fresh and focused.

    Also, stay well rested before your studio session. Maintaining good vocal health is also essential. Refrain from talking too much or practicing extensively before the session. Doing some warm-up exercises between your breaks is also a good idea. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

    Practise the script

    Know the script extremely well and practice it many times before the recording. It’s not uncommon for a paragraph that is written very well — one that is concise, understandable, and informative — to be challenging to read aloud. The only way to know is to actually read the script aloud, to see where the difficulties lie. Then find a way to bring clarity to those difficult sections, by inserting pauses to break up a hard section. Practising the script beforehand can help you tremendously with delivering the emotion and focusing on the details and the dynamics of the character.


    Studio recording is an art in itself and the more you practice better work ethics, the better you become at delivering professional voice over recordings. If you are trying to get better voice over opportunities, Voyzapp – a leading Advertising voice over company in India, can help you grab new voice recording projects easily.

    You can always increase your chances of a successful voice recording studio session by planning meticulously and following a work methodology. Do not stifle your creativity and get things done easily by having an enjoyable recording experience!