How to come up with an original business name idea

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    Blog posted on : 31-03-2021

    How to come up with an original business name idea

    What are the mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your business? What do you have to think about in order to find an available and impactful brand name? Building your branding is a crucial point, which requires certain fundamental elements, of which the name of the company is part. In this article, we helps you ask yourself the right questions to find a unique and promising company name. Distinguishing your business from the competition requires competing in ingenuity and creativity. Both in the field of products and services offered, and in the image returned by your business. The name of an entrepreneurial structure is highly strategic. Like the custom animated video, a name is meaningful message. Associated with your storytelling, it gives a singular impetus, it inspires and unites. His choice is not trivial and will not always be the simplest.

    Find an original name for a business.

    A company name is a bias, which must correspond to the personality of the structure, and must not be a name loosely worked or chosen hastily on a corner of the table. It is about thinking your name in a strategic way, integrating it without reservation at the heart of your “branding”. There are many success and failure factors in determining a name for your business. Here are some tips and tricks to choose it well.

    Get inspired by your market.

    Your activity and your sector offer you interesting keys to guide the choice of your company name. Your target audience, you’re positioning and your values ​​are also valuable indicators of what matters to convey through your image.

    Don't limit yourself geographically.

    You do not yet know the evolution of your business, or even if you will still be established in the same geographical area. If your activity does not depend on a regional image (AOC for example), no need to mention a geographical element in your name. It could be confusing if you were to expand nationally or internationally.

    Visualize your name.

    A name can be heard and read, so its visual aspect is important. Even more so if it is incorporated into your logo. Take care of his choice by integrating this aspect into your thinking process.

    Think internationally.

    Keep in mind that not all languages ​​have the same pronunciation and that some terms can mean… quite different. It would be terrible to go out and conquer a foreign market with a confusing name.

    Find an available business name.

    As soon as an idea for a name emerges, do a search on the web and on various social networks to verify that it is not already in use.

    Keep it simple.

    Less is more, they say. It's a bit the same for your name, don't go for far-fetched puns or overly extensive references. Your name must be accessible so that your audience wants to identify with it. Ditto for pronunciation: keep it simple. A name is also made to be conveyed by word of mouth. Think about it.

    Explicit can be your enemy.

    By opting for a business name that is too specific to your field of activity, you might feel held back if by chance you were to consider branching out or changing course. Opt instead for a reference to a global sector, to a skill, to your values, etc.

    Be creative.

    Do not copy these catch-all names that can be found here and there. Even if you are the 128th plumber in your municipality, a well-chosen business name can land you in the top 3 of those called first.

    Neither too little nor too long.

    A name that is too long is badly remembered, distorted and repulsed. A name made up of the initials alone does not remember well. The public is sensitive to words that ring true and sound beautiful. Finding a business name that does not yet exist and that will make you stand out requires applying yourself during the reflection phase. The concept of "naming" will be an ally in this stage of your branding.