How to do after builder cleaning

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    Blog posted on : 14-09-2020

    How to do after builder cleaning

    When you have a renovation project or building project in your house, then things get very messy. After the project, you are left with dirt, dust, and clumsy-looking face of everything. That’s why you have to clean it all with care. If you do not do that, then you will not have a super clean house. So, in this post, you will know how to do after builder cleaning London. Keep reading further. It will provide you with a time-tested method for super cleaning your house.

    Let’s dive into the detail!

    Checklist for after builder cleaning London

    If you do all these things, then your house will become super clean and you will have to dust or dirt left. The detail is below.


    The building project will leave dust all over the house. That will make proper cleaning difficult. So, the first thing to do is dusting. For that, you can use a brush or any dust removal tool.

    The dusting process will take time. But you must do it properly. Otherwise, dust can cause several breathing problems for your family.

    Clean all carpets and rugs

    The second thing to do it to clean all carpets. For that, you must remove all carpets and rugs from your house and clean the outside of the house. If you do not want to do all by yourself, then you must hire a service. It will cost you. But you will have clean carpets and rugs.

    Vacuum all floors

    Now, you must take a vacuum machine and use it on all floors of your house. It will remove all dust particles from the floor. Try vacuuming your floors fir two times. It will ensure that every dust particle is removed from your floor. Moreover, you must vacuum hardly on corners.

    Mop your floors

    After vacuuming, you must use a wet towel or any mopping tools and mop all floors. It will remove all remaining dirt and make your floors shining. Mopping will also remove germs if you use disinfectant in the water.

    Wipe and polish hard surfaces

    After mopping, you must focus on hard surfaces. Take a wet sponge and wipe them. After that, you can use polish to shine them. It will clean all hard surfaces.


    Scrub bathroom tubs, toilets, and sinks

    Now, it’s time to focus tubs and sinks. So, you must use a cleaning agent and scrub them hardly. It will make them shine and be clean.

    Clean mirrors and windows

    Now, it’s a timer to focus on windows and mirrors. Clean them and polish them as smoothly as possible.

    Clean switchboards

    Switchboards will also need to clean. So, you must clean them with the required tools and agents.

    Remove waste from the house

    After cleaning, you should remove all waste from the house. So, your house can have zero waste left.

    Wrap up

    Now, you know the proper way for after builder cleaning London. So, clean your house by using the above checklist. Have a great day.