How to master the art of voiceover recording

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    Blog posted on : 30-09-2020

    How to master the art of voiceover recording

    Do a good voiceover recording without a professional studio? It's possible! Whether it's for a video screen recording, presentation or educational content, audio quality plays a key role in the success of your videos. An American study carried out in 2018 shows that the credibility given to information and to the person who shares it depends on the sound quality of its medium. The most compelling of stories interests no one if poorly told. This is why the narrative process that accompanies your video content deserves your full attention: choice of material, writing the script, speaking technique, etc. Find out how to record professional-quality voice overs to captivate your audience.

    Equip yourself for voiceover recording

    Voice over is a process that involves the narration of an invisible person during the course of a video sequence. This technique should not be confused with voice-over , which is the simultaneous translation of lyrics in real time. For recording your voiceover, you need a microphone and software.

    Invest in a microphone

     Using your computer's built-in mica would send you straight to the flop. If a headset already gives a good result, the ideal is to use a real microphone. We recommend a USB microphone, which you just need to plug into your computer to start. You will find a multitude of models at very variable prices; an entry-level microphone usually costs between 20 and 50 EUR.

    Which accessories to favor?

    To fully experience storytelling, treat yourself to a model with a tripod that will leave your hands free. The choice of a microphone equipped with an anti-pop filter will also spare listeners the unpleasant noise caused by air movement during the pronunciation of occlusive consonants. You can find inexpensive models with tripods and pop filters. You can also consult our guide on best audio recording practices to choose your microphone. .

    Select software to record voiceovers

    When it comes to voiceover software, you are spoiled for choice. Audacity has established itself as good recording software that is easy to use and free; it is distributed under a free license. Thanks to its large user community, it is easy for a newbie to find advice online.

    Catania automatically syncs audio and picture

    Another solution to obtain a professional quality voice over: Catania. It is the perfect voice over software for adding professional quality audio content to all your video types. It allows you to easily save your script and automatically sync it with your video.

    How to record a voiceover in 5 steps

    To tell a good story, you need a solid script. So the secret to successful storytelling knows what you're going to say. In addition, how you get your message across is decisive. Find out how to make your first professional voiceover recording in just five steps.

    1. Write your script

     “What we conceive well is expressed clearly, and the words to say it come easily. “An illustrious man of letters had already understood the XVII century. Who are you talking to? What do you want to communicate? What is the objective sought by your audience? To achieve the perfect level of clarity, answer these questions before you start writing your script.The rule of thumb for successful scripting is to keep in mind that it is oral. In other words, write as you speak. Favor short sentences and simplicity. One idea per sentence is more than enough.

    2. Choose the right place

     You have all the equipment you need to record a professional-quality voiceover. It remains to find the ideal place. Choose a small, well-insulated room. TV, music, traffic, shouting, barking, and smartphone notifications: don't let noise pollution interfere with your voice recording. You can test the acoustics of the venue by clapping your hands to make sure there is no echo. Some users go so far as to register under a blanket. This is a solution to consider if you cannot find a quiet place.

    3. Adjust the balance

     Take a few minutes to adjust the recording volume. Making sure your voice is easily heard without increasing the sound from your speakers or your PC Folio3 cattle record software  has the advantage of indicating whether it is correctly adjusted, which saves you from having to study the issue of decibel adjustment. Before you start recording the entire script, read a short sequence to test the microphone and software settings. You must use headphones to check the audio quality. It’s your first time recording and you don't like your voice? Do not panic. Even the pros are embarrassed at first. You will get used to it very quickly. As a last resort, you can always leave the narration of your script to someone with a sweet voice.

    4. 3, 2, 1, speak up!

     Your microphone is on, your software open and your script in front of you? So let's go! Pro tip: record a few seconds of silence before you start playing the script. This will help you with editing when you synchronize the recording with the video. Articulate and take your time. Consider giving the audience time to take a break to understand what you are saying. It's not a marathon! Break the monotony to keep the audience's attention. In particular, you can vary the tempo, while maintaining a natural speech. Do not hesitate to play with gestures and mimics. Yes! Never heard a smile on the phone? If you make a mistake, stutter or lose track, there is no need to start over. Inhale and resume just before the scramble. You will cut it during the assembly phase. You will find a multitude of tips on the Internet to guide you before and during the recording of the voiceover of your video.

    5. Finalize your voice recording

     With an easy-to-use voice recorder like Catania, you no longer have to dread the post-production stage. You will get great results with just a few mouse clicks. Cut unnecessary pauses and muddles from your video commentary after tagging them. Eliminate noise pollution and unintentional silences with the corresponding functionality. Save the changes to a new file, in case you want to access the original recording later. One of the advantages of Catania is that the software automatically synchronizes audio and picture. You can download the trial version for free to test for yourself.

    Mission accomplished 

    Well done! Now you know how to record a professional voiceover without a studio. The more you practice, the more quality your voiceover recordings will gain. digital marketing agency new zealand.