How to prepare your documents for relocation

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    Blog posted on : 20-01-2021

    How to prepare your documents for relocation

    Summary: Assembling the documents and preparing them for the relocation within India is the ultimate requirement of the home shifting process. Whenever you prepare your documents then make sure the system will not become chaotic. It should be smooth, hassle-free, and easy. As we have a heap of documents when we open our file, it is the necessity of the hour to be organized with these papers. Otherwise, while hiring Packers and Movers in Lucknow you may stick in a problematic situation.

    All you need to follow some tips that are given below:

    • Stay systematic: The best and the easiest way to go with the flow is to stay organized and avoid the unnecessary side-down of documents. Just be organized and give more time to tabulate the papers.
    • Devote enough time: You need to devote enough time to extract out the legal documents and pile them one-by-one in the file so that if anyone will ask you after the relocation or during home shifting then you can show them very well.
    • Save your money: By maintaining some records of your previous holdings and receipt of the hired Packers and Movers in India can help you to reveal the fact that you have availed of the services of the relocation. Besides, whatever is the taxable amount, the movers will tell you before the expedition. So, get prepared for that as well.

    Now, let us have a look at the documents that you should have while relocation:

    What are the documents and paperwork required for moving?

    There are many documents but the main documents and paperwork that you need to get done are as given below:

    • Relocation documents: By relocation documents we mean the moving contract, bill of lading, inventory list, and the written estimates. These papers must be with you while moving.
    • Financial documents: There are many financial documents that you must have such as debit cards, credit card bills, saving bank account statements, receipts for taxes, loan papers, and other income tax papers.
    • Property-related documents: Main documents are selling and buying agreements, lease documents, insurance coverage for home or vehicle, vehicle registration, and the warranties card. These documents must be with you.
    • Contractual documents: There are certain documents such as tenure documents, invoices and the warranties for electronics, etc.
    • Personal documents: There are certain documents such as birth certificate, divorce certificates, passports, marriage certificates, veterinary information documents for pets, military documents, vaccine information for children, driving license of both husband and wife, medical prescriptions, and other subscriptions and school records, magazines, etc. These are the papers that you must have with you.

    How to make your documents organized as per the priority?

    The following are the bullet points that you need to follow:

    • Set two files: As per the above discussion, there are two types of documents. The first one is important documents and the other one is not-so-important documents. Keep all the important documents in one file and the other not-so-important documents in another file.
    • Label the files: Now, the best you can do for the easy recognition of the files is that just take a marker and write “important documents” and “not-so-important documents.”Through this, you will be able to identify the file that has your required documents.
    • Use Lockable container: All you need to use only a lockable box or container that can store your documents files with full safety. You can also use colored files to recognize the most important one and the unimportant one.

    The closing thoughts

    Besides, the above-mentioned documents and the ways of keeping the documents, nowadays one method of keeping documents is very prevailing. This method is a digital method. You can have a scanned copy of all your documents on your phone and a hard copy of them in your file. So that you can show your Packers and Movers in Kanpur, Lucknow, etc just in a jiff.