How to start an online Ayurvedic Business

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    Blog posted on : 19-12-2020

    How to start an online Ayurvedic Business

    Internet is one web that everyone has willingly stepped inside, and now can’t escape. That’s why, considering that the internet is here to stay (as proven by digitization), you should go ahead and start an online Ayurvedic selling business. 

    In this article, we are going to answer quite a few questions:

    1. How would you start such a business?
    2. Whether you need an AYUSH certificate?
    3. Whether you need to have an AYUSH certified company?
    4. What would be your business plan?

    How would you start such a business?

    Let’s start with the basics of starting and ayurvedic online business. Obviously, the very first thing that you need is to have is a website. Let’s show you how to move forward with that and get the thing started: 

    • Build a website that focuses on Ayurvedic products. Make sure to design in a way that everyone has an easy time navigating through what you’re offering. 
    • Reach out to a digital marketer. Because your business is to sell products online, you need a marketing strategy to reach out to people and present your products. If you don’t, your website, just like many other before you, will get lost in the abyss that is the second page of the search engine. 
    • Once you receive enough feedback on your website, keep evolving it. Keep adding more products to it and more features. It would develop a trusted relationship between you and your customer base. 
    • As you build your customer base and gain more customers, you’d soon become an earner. That means you’d start earning enough to be considered inside a 

    Whether you need to obtain an AYUSH  certificate? 

    Thankfully, you won’t need an AYUSH certificate if you are doing a business selling online products. But still, there is a condition. If you are selling the products merely as a middleman for the products that are already available in the market, only then you won’t have to get the AYUSH premium certificate. However, if you’re the manufacturer or trader of the product (offline), you would need the AYUSH drug license. The AYUSH certification process in that case is not very difficult. 

    Whether you need to get an AYUSH certified company?

    If you are not manufacturing the Ayurvedic medicines that you are selling, then you don’t need to have an AYUSH certified company. But you would still need a company. Any form of business needs a proper structure for two reasons:

    1. For its supervision so that if you do anything wrong, you can be stopped. 
    2. And secondly, a proper business structure would give you a way to move forward in your business. 

    So, yes, you would NEED TO START A COMPANY. When you are registering your company, remember to choose a simple business entity and mention that you are starting an online ayurvedic medicine selling business. 

    What would be your business plan for Ayurvedic certification?

    Following are the succinct points for your business plan for an online Ayurvedic business:

    1. Choose the products that have the most demand and thus, can provide you the most opportunities to generate revenue. 
    2. Establish a firm or better yet, register a company. 
    3. Get the AYUSH Certification if you’re manufacturing the products that you sell. 
    4. Get Trademark registration to reserve the brand of your Ayurvedic business. 
    5. Get FSSAI registration for your online ayurvedic business. 
    6. Get GST registration for your business
    7. Once you’ve got all the legal pillars of your business setup, it’s time to take care of the virtual i.e. setting up a company website. 
    8. Once you’ve setup the website on which you’ve made sure that every individual can choose and buy your products, start promoting your business to find customers. 


    Legal matters like AYUSH Certification aside, starting an online business requires that you are vigilant, understanding of your demographic and know your way around the products. Through this article, we hope that we have opened your eyes of some of the grittier aspects of online Ayurvedic business. For more information in this regard, reach out to Registrationwala.