Know_Why is Gmail Outlook not Syncing

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    Blog posted on : 28-07-2021

    Know_Why is Gmail Outlook not Syncing

    While syncing your business data between Gmail and Outlook, you have noticed some glitches or syncing issues. The syncing problem can take place while deleting emails, syncing contacts, and transferring messages between folders. You can follow the below-mentioned suggestions to curb the Outlook not syncing with Gmail issues. 

    Discontinue Free Google Sync Services 

    Before 2012, Google used to benefit users by creating Google sync and Google Calendar Sync to allow users to smoothly synchronize Gmail with Outlook. But now if you want to acquire the same services, you will have to purchase Google Premium services. 


    Problems With Window Updates

    Microsoft suggests avoiding updates until it is necessary or a new update has arrived from the company itself. Sometimes, windows updates can problematize the Outlook Gmail Synchronization. Likewise, KB2837618 and KB2837643 updates hinder IMAP folders from syncing and thereby prevent Outlook from configuring and using IMAP to continue the sync process. You need to delete such updates and once again exercise the sync between Gmail and Outlook.

    Re-add Gmail to Outlook 

    If the synchronizing problem persists, delete the Gmail from Outlook and re-add it. No user data gets delete in this process because Gmail controls all the emails and other data until you willingly delete it. You can re-add Gmail to Outlook by vising “Files” in Outlook and then selecting “Account and Social Settings” > “Account Settings” now remove Gmail and add it again.

    Get Google Sync Premium 

    Google no longer supports synchronization without acquiring premium, whereas, Outlook supports sync with IMAP. Thus, you may have to face issues while syncing your Gmail account with Outlook. The best way to avoid Outlook not syncing with Gmail is to get the Google premium. 

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