Koi Fish one of the Old Fish category in Fish World

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    Blog posted on : 25-12-2020

    Koi Fish one of the Old Fish category in Fish World


    As per the experts' view, Koi Fish was originally introduced in China. In 1600 many Chinese farmers cultivate Koi fish and they use to cultivate different types of Koi Fish. Later it goes to Japan. They started the variations of Koi fishes and they cultivate many Koi fish. They cultivated red, white, black, and blue color Koi. But later due to scientific and combination reasons they produced rainbow color Koi. The very first country that bred the Koi fish in Japan. They cultivated many types of Koi Fish. It was so popular that many royal families at that time use buy and make the private aquarium of the koi fish.  In the nineteenth century the European countries like the United Kingdom, West Europe learned the bred of Koi. After a few years, the United States of America also learned how to breed the Koi fish.

    The Market

    Koi Fish is very famous among many people. They like to buy Koi fish from many markets. There are two types of Koi is available in the market. The first type is pet Koi that Koi comes from the European market, USA market, etc. The second type of Koi like specialized koi is coming from many fish farmers around the European market.  The price of the Koi fish is dependent on its color. Depending on the color the price of the koi fish is costs from 5 to 15 USD for one single Koi fish.

    On depends on the size of the Koi fish, you can find many Types of koi fish. Like Chagoi Koi is larger Koi among the other genre of the Koi fish family. They have a heavy body and weight is around 30-35 pounds. Many commercial and residential people do Koi pond installation. But koi pond installation is not an easy job.  For Koi pond installation one needs clean water, a high-quality pond. If the koi fish installation gets proper requirements they can live up to 20 years or sometimes more.

    The Koi fish is generally is very social fish. They like to live in pairs or groups. But they need a proper environment and situation for living. They need habitat nature.

    Chinese farmers generally bred Koi fish for eating purposes. They cultivate Koi fish until 1800 for eating purposes. In recent years the Koi export is one of the main businesses in many countries. They export Koi fish in many countries. It has a high demand.

    Types of koi fish-

    There are many types of Koi in the market. The following are the types of Koi fish.


    Kohaku fish is considered as the king of the koi fish. They have two types of colors. Their color is mainly white and red. They have a yellowish nose.

    Taisho Snake-

    Taisho means three colors. These types of fishes have three colors like white, black, and red. They are regarded as Big Three in the world of Koi Fish.


    They are also known as Showa Snake. They also have three colors in their body parts. They have three different colors that are mainly red, white, and black.


    The Tancho koi fish has a prominent red mark on its head. The spot is round in shape. The Tancho koi is single in nature.


    Utsuri means reflection. This type of fish category is named after its color combination. They have a red, white, and yellow pattern on their body part.


    Bekko has a tortoiseshell. This is the reason the experts call this type of koi fish Bekko. The color of the Bekko is a red, white, and yellow colour in its body. They have black colour markings also.


    Shusui is one of the categories of Asagi Koi. But the Shusui Koi don’t have the scale on their body. Their head is in blue and white colour and does not have any markings or spots on the head.